Think You’re Too Old to Be an Entrepreneur, Think Again

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If you consider this statement one can easily make out that it has a negative side, as well as a positive side like one coin, has two sides. What comes to our mind when we say the term “Entrepreneur” those people who don’t do a job isn’t it? Then what is entrepreneurship? People who do business, people who bring the business, people who don’t work under somebody, people who want to work on their own. This may sound very simple to you but not simple while working. It’s a huge responsibility to run a business successfully.

It needs strong desire, dedication, focused mindset, patients, proper working team, and extra money for enrolling in business, proper knowledge on your service or product, knowledge on maintaining customer relationships, etc. To do this successfully, you need to know the market position, the life of the corporate world, the economy of INDIA, the rules & regulations from the Government. Sometimes you need to take help from management consultants, sometimes you need to have the investors also the business capital, good communication and networking skills are a must in your entrepreneur journey so you think differently.

The Reality

If you consider today’s century or current position of the market then you can easily realize age is just a number. In INDIA you will find that the entrepreneur from the age group 15-16 till they die. You don’t need to be so professional while doing business. Business doesn’t come from your age you think differently because of your certain thoughts, certain desired to achieve something, you want to become your own unique identity. If you have such a hunger to do something and you have decided to do whatever it takes then no one will stop you until you stop so here age doesn’t matter.

There is a person who says that before you start your journey of entrepreneur you need to have experience and complete knowledge in what are you planning to do. You just can’t be saying around the world that I want to start a business or I want to do entrepreneurship as a career. Then they will advise you that while doing the job you do the business but this will not wrathful for a longer time, the other suggestion is you do a part-time job and part-time business so that you will get regular income flow and you will also get the experience of market position.

As you always know it’s never too late to start something than why you want to say that you are too old to do the entrepreneurship and yes! You need to think again. In INDIA the technology has become part of daily routine. People are doing smart work. The entrepreneur is also considering one of the smartest works. You do entrepreneurship by thinking differently not like the common people. You may always think about the business all the time, you always look for good ideas, you will always observe from people what they do and why, when you get the time you will try to learn new skills.

With all this, you become more knowledgeable and your journey starts. Some people will also say that before starting your business journey you need to have you are competing for maturity to understand this money game. Like if in your 20’s you started the business at times your mind will not allow you to focus on one thing you will run for several different things, but if you look at the age of around 30’s or 40’s you will be more focused and wise enough to understand and face the problems on your own.


Such statements are often for those who do business start from zero and they don’t have any support from family. This statement will make you realize that whatever you are doing is a mistake or you just need to think again to make your brighter future in business. The wisest people say one should start the business after the age of 35 years. Around this stage of your life, you are mature enough to understand the market, economy and money transactions.

You have enough experience to understand the process for bringing the business in the company or making the profit from your investment the more you become older the more you become wise enough to become successful in your entrepreneurship journey. Then you will do proper panning for expansion of business, properly investing money. So, one can easily conclude that, if you are old enough to be a successful entrepreneur then you don’t need to think again to become an entrepreneur you will be unstoppable at that time and strong enough to face the problems and challenges.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
Shehnaz Ali Siddiqui is a Corporate Communications Expert by profession and writer by Passion. She has experience of many years in the same. Her educational background in Mass communication has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She enjoys writing around Public relations, Corporate communications, travel, entrepreneurship, insurance, and finance among others.
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