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Celebrity Author Prince Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu UNTOLD FACT

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Despite the isolating nature of 2020, it still brought the rise and fall of many celebrity couples.

Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu as a contemporary romance author as appeared in countless interviews and in every interview he made it clear that he does not have time for a relationship

In one of his recent interview which could be found on youtube, he said and stated the reasons for his lonely said to be life, Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu said “I know what the responsibility of a man is and I am not ready to assume the position of bearing such responsibility, loving a girl is something and caring for her is something different, some girls are sincere while some are not I don’t want to hurt anyone just because I have been hurt, I need time to care for her, I need to give her attention and I mean a lot of them, in any relationship the most important thing is communication, but I don’t have the time to give, I still have so many to do, which is why I can’t be in a relationship” this are the words of the prince which actually proves to be opposite of his recent actions on social media.

On the 10th of March 2021, prince Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu posts a picture of a girl hugging him very tightly from behind, and left some captivating wordings under it “I’ve never believed in an angel, a perfect beauty. A girl who is very beautiful and shines warmly as if a star is attached to her body, twinkling to make the view fixated on her. A girl who is beautiful physically and in nature, flawless and can enchant someone with just a smile, isn’t that the kind of angel people describe.

I never believed that, because no one is that perfect. How can that angel exist in this world? Even if there’s no way an angel would want to live in this cruel, filthy world, that’s what I’m thinking.

But it turns out I was wrong. Even in this cruel and dirty world, there are still people as well as angels. Yes, I now believe that the angel existed after I met you.

World of love”

The picture is with a Zambia lady popularly known for her dancing

though according to the post he stated upcoming novel (World of love) but Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu is an author according to his description who only writes on real-life story he also stated during one of his interview “I don’t imagine things I write base on what is happening either around me or that is happening to me directly”.

After all this, it is clear that the young prince is trying so hard to make his relationship a secret

We are looking forward to what more untold secret we are yet to uncover …. @alex_olaoluwa

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