C Krishniah Chetty Group launch the Gold’s Plan – For Ugadi 2021

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Client receives Rs 40 lakh saving over two years of jewellery shopping.

07.04.2021, Bengaluru: Buying precious jewellery is an art. Or is it ? If one were to check the experiences of clients of well known jewellery firm C Krishniah Chetty Group we gather that clients receive automatic savings in organized purchase plans.

There are several savings plans where consumers may pay by monthly instalments from few hundred to few lakhs per month.

C Krishniah Chetty’s proprietary Rate Protection Plan is one such plan. With automated and systematic benefits that ride the gold, diamond, silver and platinum prices, the consumer gets an ‘averaged’ rate be it a rising or falling trend in market rates.

With the all round protection of blocking not only gold, but even diamonds, silver and platinum rates the plan is quite unprecedented as it gives a choice to consumers to make up what to buy only at time of maturity of the plan at the end of 11 months.

Unlike other plans, the plan also gives additional benefit between 9 and 12% per annum. Thereby adding great value to any investment.

With flexibility in making higher or lower instalments each month depending on consumer’s cash flows, a grace period of 7 days in delayed payments, birthday bonus, all on-time payments bonus, and last but importantly their systems are configured to apply must beneficial quantum first if multiple products are being purchased.

Elaborate algorithm ensures consumers are well protected. The example of Mrs Smitha (name changed to protect privacy) saved Rs 40 lakhs over her two years of purchases on a total amount spent of Rs 1.22 cr of precious jewellery.

Such examples make consumers trust organized plans that actually protect the consumer from violent and normal rate fluctuations.

The Signature Rate Protection Plan is a great way for today’s youth and jewellery lovers to accumulate jewellery easily.

Young people who aim at beginning investments face a bewildering array of options. If you are young, your greatest financial asset is “TIME”⁠. Sadly, the reality is that most young adults who would like to begin investing and saving have no idea where to start. One should consider gold and precious jewellery purchases cumulatively over a 10-year life cycle to get the best benefit.

Times from ancient times to royalty, to today’s industrialists, and young families have made decent collection for themselves in this manner. Now this is an automated and systematic way by the 150-website old heritage Jeweller.

Gold market is seen under constant flux as it is an internationally traded commodity. Taking the time to learn about Rate Protection Plans and other products like Paper Gold and Paper Silver (where money can be taken back at prevailing prices) CKC may help in building a healthy financial future.

The central theme of the programme is that consumers get “averaged” gold, silver, diamond & platinum as the consumers pay their installments.

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The quantum of benefits a consumer is likely to derive in the The Rate Protection Plan VS other conventional “Jewellery Savings Plans” a consumer receives greater amount of jewellery as follows:

Rs. 5000/- contributed for say 11 months would typically get jewellery worth 29.851 gms. of 22Kt gold in conventional plans by most jewellers; whereas in the “Averaged” Rate Protection Plan at CKC the same consumer would typically get 35.279 gms. or 15.40% more jewellery. If the consumer were to purchase jewellery under conventional plans they pay “current” rates thus negating the benefits they received in “making charges OR discounts” or “last month free instalments” by the inflation of gold/ silver/ diamond /platinum during the period.

Dr C Vinod Hayagriv, Director, C Krishniah Chetty Group said: “The Rate Protection Plans promise to redefine the manner in which jewellery shopping will be done in future.”

The consumer can put away from Rs. 500/- to Rs.1,00,000/- or more per month as instalments. Save for 11 months for their loved ones, get automatic rate protection for your gold, silver, diamonds & platinum jewellery. Choose the lower either the averaged rate or the current prevailing rate on Maturity. They also have a one time or one installment option as well that gives additional benefit between 9 to 12% per annum for those clients who do not wish to make monthly payments.

The company has copyrighted the plan thereby making it exclusive to C. Krishniah Chetty Group.

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