Monday, August 10, 2020
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Public Data Will be Sold on Social Media

“Public Data Will be Sold on Social Media, The Government Can Change The IT Act”

Social media and tech companies may soon get approval to sell customer data. For this, the government can change the IT Act in the coming days and issue new guidelines. Under the new act, it will be legal right to sell customer data across tech and social media companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

New rules will boost competition
According to CNBC’s news, the government is considering the purchase and sale of data, which can help in bringing new schemes to the common man. Other private ones will also be able to use them. However, this is a very early step for the government. The new guidelines will include information like visitor traffic, usage patterns. Companies must share information with the government, non-governmental organizations. However, it will be decided after talks with all the parties. The new rules will promote competition.

The new rules will be going to increase the competition among all the available players. This move is going to bring enormous changes in the IT industry.


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