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SBI warns all customers, do not make mistake even if such a mistake can result in big loss!

State Bank of India has asked all its customers using online banking to be vigilant.

State Bank of India (File Photo)

State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest public sector bank, has issued an important information for customers holding fixed deposits. The bank has warned the customers to stay away from the thugs who call themselves employees of SBI Bank and talk about making a fixed deposit and get to know their information from the customers.

SBI has made a post on Twitter, advising customers to avoid such scams. In this tweet, SBI has said that in recent reports, it has been found that cybercriminals have created online fixed deposits in the accounts of customers with the intention of committing fraud.

With this, the bank wrote that we request all our customers not to share their bank details with anyone. Do not get caught up in these fraudsters who tell themselves to SBI. We never ask for personal information like Password / OTP / CVV / Card number etc. on the phone.

In the last few years, the number of cyber crimes related to the bank has steadily increased. In such a situation, customers can avoid online fraud by taking just a few simple security tips and precautionary steps. Keep in mind that the bank or its employees do not ask for password, CVV, card number and OTP information.

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