Best Online Payroll Services in India

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Running a payroll seems to be a difficult and time-consuming task. To make the entire thing simple, more and more companies are going for online payroll services. There are multiple options to explore when it comes to online payroll services.

However, after thorough research and analyzing many payroll services we picked out the best options for your ease. Boosting a startup may require a lot of attention and payroll is a very important part of the same. You have to use the right tools and manual power to execute the same properly. Below are a few of our top recommendations that you can use to get amazing online payroll services.

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Here is a roundup of the Best Payroll Services of 2020

Quikchex – Online Payroll Services

It comes out with a simple solution for payroll and employee management. You can also outsource the payroll things and can get a committed account manager from the team of Quikchex. It might be a little costly, but don’t forget the famous saying- good things do come with a cost. You can keep it as a preferred option while exploring others.

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Paybooks – Online Payroll Services

Again an amazing tool for your employees would help them with the self-service thing and makes the entire thing pretty easy for them. With the same, they can easily access their payslips, leaves, expenses claims, income tax planner directly from their phone.


It’s a really good payroll and employee management tool, and their UI is pretty straight forward. Also, the pricing is pretty decent. They also allow you to pick which feature you want to use and pay only for that.


Many of my friends are using this software and completely in love with the same. It comes out with quite amazing features. I haven’t tried it personally but got a great response about the same from my friends who are using the same.

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Open – Online Payroll Services

The feature of this amazing software is not limited to payroll services, it also offers GST compliant invoices and bulk payments. It comes out with integrated accounting software. It will save a lot of work during payroll time – specifically with salary payouts that are automatically updated with employee attendance & leaves, assets, expense claims & reimbursements. It caters to the different needs of an organization and highly recommended by the users.

Implement Online Payroll Services

There is no doubt in saying that online payroll companies offer great services to small businesses. It automatically calculates the right amount to pay to your employees. It will also make the required deductions that include healthcare benefits and Social Security.

In addition, online payroll services handle all of your company’s payroll tax responsibilities. This includes withholding the proper amount of funds, filling out and filing the required paperwork, and making the necessary payment to each local, state and federal agency.

Processing payroll is one of the best and convenient things for small businesses. Use payroll services will provide required access from anywhere anytime. You can easily log into from any web browser and can check your payroll reports, employee information and the entire payroll system.

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Many online payroll portals offer several additional services to small business owners such as new-hire reporting, paid time off (PTO) management,  workers’ compensation insurance, HR services, retirement savings plans, time and attendance systems.


Having a payroll service is highly important to run a business successful and keep things smooth and proper in its place. Choosing an online portal for the required payroll services would be great for you as it will provide the required access to you all the time without any hassles and it will come pout with several other additional services for your ease.

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