The Boom of Self Storage Facilities in COVID Era 

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Owing to the COVID-19 lockdown and ‘Work from Home’ scenario for a foreseeable future, self-storage facilities have seen a significant rise in demand. In the United States of America, the storage facilities sector is a 50 billion industry. Gradually self-storage facilities and businesses are picking up in India now. Many number of such storage facilities have opened in India during the lockdown to cater to the rising consumer demand.

With companies adopting the Work from Home model since early 2020 many people, who were working in cities have moved out of their rented apartments back to their native places/hometowns for social & economic reasons. In such times, Self- Storage units come to their rescue, safely housing their valuable belongings & furniture while they give up their rented spaces in their cities of work. Especially for valuable items such as Cars, Two-Wheelers, Fridge, AC & TV which are logistically difficult to move & also need to be handled with utmost care as they are fragile in nature.

It is fascinating to note that, even though the vaccine has come, a large population has been inoculated, and many people are back at work, most are still working from home because organizations want their employees to be safe. Additionally, organizations are opting for smaller offices to reduce their costs. According to many studies, the Hybrid model of work where employees will go to the office on a rotational basis. This means office spaces will only be catering to a small group of employees and the excessive inventory needs to be stored safely.

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Another demand for Self-storage units/ storage units comes from the e-commerce sector. Now that majority of shopping activities have been shifted to the online medium, e-commerce majors & retailers are also utilising the warehouse space to stock up on their goods/ supplies to be able to offer prompt deliveries to customers within the proximity.

In today’s day and age, with rising population & other demographic lifestyle factors, our work and personal places are shrinking with each passing year and the clutter of our ever-increasing “things” hinder our ability to think openly and appreciate the spaces in which we spend our time. Too many “things” can cause a mess and reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of work/living areas. At times when we feel suffocated in such spaces, clutter kills efficiency and quality of life. This is where Self-Storage units come into play. They offer spaces that can be used by individuals to ‘De-clutter’ their living spaces or workspaces.

Mr Ramesh Babu M-CEO & Co Founder- SafeStorage

Authored by: Mr Ramesh Madisetty, CEO & Co-Founder, SafeStorage®

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