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UP Government Will Run Startup Express in Uttar Pradesh to Help Youth Startups

The Uttar Pradesh Government is going to launch the exclusive Startup Express across the state. The aim is to help youth business and create employment opportunities. In fact, the UP government will organize Startup Express program across the state to make the youth enterprising and motivate the startup.

Deputy CM gave information
According to the agency’s news, state deputy CM Dinesh Sharma, while addressing the ‘Uttar Pradesh Startup Conference-2019’, said, the government is looking to motivate, guide and empower young people to startups across the state. The Express will conduct the program.

Delhi-NCR On Top For Startups 

Startup Express in three stages
Sharma said that this program will be organized in three phases and for this the entire state has been divided into four regions. He said that 12 different ODI ‘sensitization workshops’ will be organized to involve six thousand youths across the state in different phases, with three workshops in each zone. The best performing 1,440 participants will be given a chance to enter the next stage.

Fund made of Rs 1,000 crore
State Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma said that in the second phase of the program, there will be initiatives related to business innovation, Internet of things and developing prototypes etc. He informed that an incubator will be set up in Lucknow to inspire startup revolution in the state. The Uttar Pradesh Startup Fund is being set up with an amount of Rs 1,000 crore to facilitate financial outreach for state startups only. Deputy Chief Minister Sharma said that more than five lakh youth will get employment in the next five years by the various IT and electronics schemes being set up by the government.

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