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Monday, January 17, 2022

Jidoka Technologies launches India’s first-of-its-kind solution to address the quality control (QC) challenges in the manufacturing space

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  • Receives seed funding from leading technology entrepreneur as it prepares to scale up operations both in domestic and global markets.
  • The new-age startup, valued at US$ 3 million, serves the manufacturing sector across industry verticals in the automated cognitive inspection space of QC process

Bengaluru, 6th May, 2021: Jidoka Technologies, the new age start-up in the field of automated cognitive inspection for manufacturing recently launched India’s first-of-its-kind solution to address the growing challenges in the QC processes of the manufacturing sector. The solution is made available to customers both in India and overseas market.

Recognised and endorsed by customers Jidoka Technologies has recently received its seed funding from a leading technology entrepreneur. The funding will be invested to scale up operations and for expansion into new markets of North America and South East Asia. Having established its efficacy with some leading automobile brands, Jidoka Technologies is already expanding its scope to Pharma, General Manufacturing, Electronics and Printing among other industry verticals.

Chennai-based, Jidoka Technologies is a next generation start-up founded in 2018 delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions to automate the process of visual quality checks at high speed by leveraging Deep Learning, AI/ML and Analytics. Jidoka’s state-of-the-art automated cognitive QC solution enhances the quality and efficiency of QC in the manufacturing process. It harnesses and mirrors human reasoning in defect detection delivering 98% or higher accuracy in the QC process consistently and a significant increase in throughput, besides reducing wastage by 30%..

Sekar Udayamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, Jidoka Technologies, said, “We at Jidoka understand the challenges faced by our customers in the manufacturing sector in the QC process and are constantly updating ourselves through research and development to develop relevant solutions”. “Our state-of-the-art QC solution will increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes. Our focus is to revolutionise the QC process in manufacturing by leveraging deep tech, for both Indian and International markets.” He added, “This funding has come to us at the time when there is an increasing demand for automated QC solutions to drive speed and efficiency in manufacturing and will support us to scale our business, expand our reach outside of India, accelerate growth and enhance our innovation capabilities.”

Investors recognize that Manufacturing SaaS is an exciting sector and see the promise in Jidoka Technologies’ team and the QC solution to address the exponentially growing manufacturing SaaS market, globally. This innovative solution has the potential to become a major contributor to the manufacturing sector and initiatives like digitizing-the-shopfloor.

Currently valued at US$ 3 million, Jidoka Technologies’ areas of expertise in DeepTech include, Data Augmentation, AI/Deep Learning, Machine Vision, Real time QC, Online/Standalone Automation, High Speed monitoring and Data Analytics with customised User experience. The organisation prides in being a ROI positive partner where customers will be able to recover their ROI in less that 12-15 months on implementation.

Jidoka Technologies aims to expand its services across global markets of UK, Europe and Australia besides serving across the Indian sub-continent, North America and South East Asia, by 2025.

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