Innovative product lines make parenthood a joyful journey

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Modern day problems, require modern day solutions. Millennial parents today have created a network where they are much more connected, influenced and have access to all kinds of information at the tip of their fingers. The needs of young Indian parents are therefore constantly changing, so baby care brands are innovatively switching up their product lines to keep up.

The market is filled with an overwhelming range of products, however some parents continue to stay traditional and use hand-me-down products that worked for other kids. While being traditional comes from age old familiarity in usage, comfort and reliability, innovative products are more convenient and bring a higher degree of efficiency and therefore make raising a child a much easier and fun task. New age products are effortless and less time-consuming, therefore letting you spend more quality time with the child.

Parenting products are now delving into the latest technological avenues with a heightened focus on health & hygiene. Simple yet smart products are helping enrich the day-to-day life of parents by making every task easier and well-organized. These products ensure the best of baby care and an active & healthy baby is the key to enjoy parenthood.

Brands are continuously evaluating and elevating the latest finds and emerging trends to offer the best-in-class products to parents. Baby hygiene products like diapers have taken product innovation to the next level by introducing features like Super Bubble Technology, Wetness Indicators, and enhanced absorption that make parenting easier and prioritize the baby’s wellbeing. Recently, the diaper brand Super Cute’s disrupted the industry with the launch of ultra-thin diapers that are very lightweight and hence super comforting as they keep the baby too very light weighted and ensure an active movement. They also come attached with shorts and skirts to make them complete as clothing bottoms. Other products that have really helped in the journey of parenting include electrical breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, on-the-go baby monitors, car seats, sleep soothers, teethers, nail trimmers and much more.

Not just baby products, toys are also upgraded with technological advancements to introduce modern-day technology in form of Virtual Reality toys as well as intuitive and cognitive games that are upskilling for kids and fun for parents as well. Playing is arguably one of the most important activities kids can partake in as it helps them nurture their motor, neural, and social development skills. Through innovation, toys are now more interactive and personalized therefore creating a more engaging experience for children & parents alike. It makes playing fun for parents too as it matches their technology-driven life and hence it is no longer a task rather an engaging activity for them too.

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Being a parent can get tough and mundane, but fortunately, we are living in a world full of baby gadgets that are designed to make parenthood a joyful journey. With the hectic lifestyle of both parents, innovative products ensure that parenting life goes as smoothly as possible. Brands are attentive to the needs of parents and are building valuable and functional products that allow parents to wholly focus on enjoying quality time with the kid rather than spend time and energy on basic chores.

Parenthood is an enriching experience that ought to be blissful, and brands aim to provide products that make it nothing less than that.

Spokesperson: Ms. Paridhi Mantri, Lead, Consumer Insights and Product Innovation, Super Cute’s

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