Delhi’s doctor told a scary picture of COVID hospitals, how people are going through the situation

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The corona virus has opened up the health infrastructure. In the absence of facilities, doctors are making every effort to save the patients. In such a situation, a doctor has posted a post on social media about the situation and has told what is the status of COVID hospitals. He has also warned people to wear masks and try as much as possible to avoid infection.

Heartfelt post

Sandhra is a Delhi-based doctor. He has stated the condition of hospitals at the time of COVID. In a post on Instagram, she has told that she has faced some kind of trauma and how she wants to be more tolerant than patients. He has requested people to wear masks before going out.


About the experience of the last 2 weeks, she says, a 22-year-old boy was killed. But, I was telling his parents that he would be alright. I knew that he would not be able to recover, but I did not have the courage to say so. That woman was doing Allah Allah in a single breath all night.

Referring to a COVID 10 patient, she said she was on a ventilator and near death. My Kulig was ducting her, so she said the last sentence, she has 11 and 4-year-old children at home. Save from dying He died shortly after this.

Sandhra also wrote about the condition of the doctors about which trauma he is going through. Despite this, they are constantly working hard. He knows that if the people of his family also get infected, then they too will need the support of the health care worker.

She says, while working here, I hope that if my housemates are recruited anywhere, then the health workers there too will be engaged in saving them from their lives. The misfortune of wearing a PPE kit for 6 hours has also been mentioned and under which circumstances, they are working in a mental situation.


On the part of the government, a partial lockdown has been imposed, on which she says, believe me your lockdown is not difficult. You are not seeing the horror that we are seeing. I wish I could show you a video of what I am watching. Just to scare that even after seeing this, you people stay in the house. However, I do not want you guys to see the same situation. Anyone see

He said that though it is not possible for everyone to stay at home. But, if you go out, please wear a mask. You can avoid this.

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