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Never had the money to study, now this doctor, who is 79 years old, treats for only 10 rupees

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Like other professions, the profession of medicine is also often surrounded by questions. There has been a general opinion about private hospitals that they have become money-making machines. In this case, Doctor Annappa N Bali of Karnataka is an example. They treat for only 10 rupees. Dr. Bali just coming from Belhongal village of Belagavi district 10 are engaged in treating poor people. He also gives medicines to patients for this small amount. Many times it happens that the patient is not able to pay 10 rupees. In such a situation, they treat him free.

Doctor with 10 rupees!

According to the information, he sees around 100 patients throughout the day. Dr. Bali, who is 79 years old, is very famous in the area because of his work. People call him in the name of a doctor of 10 rupees. According to The New Indian Express, Dr. Bali’s childhood was spent in poverty. His parents had to struggle a lot to teach him. Somehow, he was enrolled in a boarding school giving free education and he could study. With the help of some people, he succeeded in completing MBBS studies and came among the people by becoming a doctor.


Devoted to his patients

After doing a diploma in ENT from Mysore in 1978, he devoted himself completely to the people. Meanwhile, he also got a job. In 1967, he worked as a health officer. He retired as a surgeon in 1998 and took full time to serve the poor. Every day, they open their clinic at 10 am and see patients till 7:30 in the evening. The age at which Dr. Bali is doing this work. At that age people like to relax. The life of Dr. Bali tells that there is no age of work. It is important to have the spirit to just work.

This clinic is open to patients for 24 hours, doctor’s fee is only 10 rupees.

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