Employee Retention Through Continuous learning

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Employee attrition is a problem which most companies fail to overcome. There may be many reasons contributing to employees’ attrition including belligerent management, a sense of monotony characteristic of the vicious and recurring cycle of work-commute-eat-sleep, inefficient leadership or simply insufficient appraisals among many other factors. But, the most common thing that former employees mention during their exit interview is a sense of lack of purpose that creeps into them over a period of time, thus, inspiring them to look for new avenues infused with learning opportunities. This implies the need to create an employee learning environment as an imperative and inherent component of any employee retention plan.

Availing employees opportunities to learn

Among many features characteristic of any organization that emphasizes employee retention, lending opportunities to employees so that they may learn something new or imbibe new skills not only encourage the employees to continue working for their organization, but also implement the knowledge they had gained for the improvement of their current workplace. Deemed as an effective employee retention measure, creating learning opportunities for employees makes them work-ready in addition to building their self-esteem. The training imparted during the learning session fosters a sense of inclusion in a diverse culture as employees come under one roof to learn and share.

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Imparting Necessary Training

Employee training must always be aimed at employee development. During the training session, employees may be divided into small groups and asked to work on a project that would encourage a spirit of cohesion in addition to mutual appreciation. Holding periodic sessions means that employees are mentally ready to participate as and when required, thus, enhancing their cognitive attitude and abilities. Participation in problem-solving activities empowers their thinking and reasoning capabilities. In addition, employees stick to companies where they find greater opportunities to learn something that is new, novel and prompts their career in the right direction.

Continual learning not only has a positive impact on professional development but also helps employees to grow in their own personal space. Moreover, the company’s efforts in training its employees at regular intervals pervade a sense of belongingness in the latter, thus, fueling the company’s growth while giving a big boost to its employee retention strategy.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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