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Startup Idea – You Can Start Your Business in a Free

These days startups phase running in the country. Youth studying in IITs and IIMs are leaving their jobs worth millions and entering the startup world. They have excellent knowledge of software and marketing. This helps in starting a business. Also, due to a good credit rating, the loan is easily available. But it is more challenging for a lower-middle-class youth to start their own business than IITs and IIMs. But if you get a little guidance, then it can be easy to set up your business. Today we are going to tell you about some websites that will help you in starting a business. Along with answering your questions, you will also be given a platform to connect with investors.

Equity Net

If your company needs an investor, you won’t have to go anywhere. Equity Net will provide you with a crowdfunding platform for free. This platform will share your business plan, analysis with the investor. This will help you in starting your business. For this, you have to upload your business plan on the EquityNet website. If your business plan sounds right, EquityNet will do the job of raising funds for it.

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Business Intelligence

This is a Microsoft self-service business solution, available in paid and free mode. In its free version, every user will get up to 1 GB of information. It will renew daily. In this, you will get answers to your business-related questions. Many corporate leaders, businessmen, executives of the world use this service to make decisions related to their business. In a way, it is like an artificial intelligence service for business.

If you want to connect with a client online, for this you need a reliable video conferencing solution. “Join.me” can help you with this. It can interact with up to 10 people online at a time. Avast this is security protection. It protects your network. If you use its free version, you will get the facility of malware to catch, block it, and virus scanning. Read more CyberGhost Security is an important part of new business. This requires its virtual private network (VPN) service. Most VPNs are paid. But some services like CyberGhost can be used for free. This gives you reliable connection speed and great network security.

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