Friday, November 20, 2020
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IRDAI Alert to Indian People Against Fraudulent Phone Calls

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has alerted the general public to fraudulent phone calls. The regulator has told the public that if they have any offer to give higher benefits in the policy, then they should not fall into its trap. The regulator said that such calls are coming to the common people. In these, the caller describes himself as an officer of IRDA or Integrated Complaint Management System (IGMS).

IRDA has warned the policy holders and the public that many times the caller tries to mislead them by claiming that they are from the Insurance Transaction Department, Reserve Bank or any other government agency. If a person comes under the pretense of making such a call, then he will do it at his own risk.

IRDA is not involved in the sale of any product
The regulator has said that he himself or his Customer Grievance Management Cell is not involved in any kind of insurance or financial product sales. Nor are these departments or officers involved in the work of investing the premium received by the company somewhere. IRDA has said that the public should be careful in this matter and should not fall into the trap of fraudulent phone calls.


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