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How To Start a Bamboo Bottle Business in India?

Last year, the government banned single-use plastic. This move of the government has led to a boom in the bamboo industry. Today, bamboo crockery is being sold in the market. Demand for products such as Bamboo Water Bottle, Bamboo Cup-Plate, Spoon, Fork, Plate, Straw is increasing continuously.

A new field has been opened for people to earn. Here we are discussing some such activities related to bamboo, which can be adopted by earning a good income from a farmer to a businessman.

Making Bamboo Bottles or Utensils

When the government prohibited the use of single-use plastic, at that time the products made of bamboo had come out in the market. The Khadi Gramodyog Commission had also prepared a bamboo bottle and launched it in the market.

The Khadi Village Industries Commission is now focusing on the expansion of the bamboo industry along with the cottage industries like khadi, honey. Under the Khadi Village Industries Commission Bamboo Mission, people are training people to prepare bamboo items and at the same time, they are also helping to provide loans to start work. You can get more information about this from the Khadi Village Industries Commission website

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Take Training From Here

According to the Khadi Village Industries Commission, the price of 750 ml bamboo bottle in the market starts from Rs 300. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for this bottle in the market. You can also get training for making a bass bottle or other items from the National Bamboo Mission website Here are several such institutions that offer training in making goods from bamboo. Information about these institutions can be obtained from this link

How Many Can Start The Bamboo Industry?

There are many uses in the bamboo industry and each work has a different cost to start. According to the Madhya Pradesh government, the cost of starting a unit for making bamboo ornaments is Rs 15 lakh. The cost of the incense sticks unit is 20 lakh rupees.

More information about this can be obtained from this link of Bennu Mission of Madhya Pradesh.

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Bamboo Products

By the way, we all know that bamboo has been used in baskets, sticks, furniture. But now water bottles, handicraft items, jewellery made of bamboo are also being made. Bamboo lamp sets are also in great demand in the market.

Bamboo Farming

In the year 2018, the Modi government removed bamboo from the category of trees. Farmers can now easily cultivate bamboo without any hindrance. The Babu Technical Support Group (BTSG) has also been formed to provide technical assistance to the National Babu Mission.

More information about bamboo cultivation can be obtained from the National Bamboo Mission website Along with this, a link is given by registering the former here, on this you can take advantage of the government’s schemes by getting your registration done.

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Import Duty on Bamboo Increased

Modi government is continuously working to increase the income of farmers and promote small industries. In this episode, the government is engaged in giving a boost to the bamboo industry. The Center has increased the customs duty on bamboo imports from 10 per cent to 25 per cent. The government says that this decision has been taken to promote the use of domestic bamboo under the Self-Reliant India Scheme. This will encourage the use of native bamboo in the incense sticks industry.


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