The 10 Best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020

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We all must have heard the words like Cybersecurity, computer security numerous times in our daily life. But how many of us paid attention to the terms and their importance? Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about cybersecurity and its importance in our lives. Last but not least, we are going to share with you the top 10 cybersecurity startups that you should follow in 2020.

Cybersecurity is the protection of your computer, network, and the data on your system from any kind of theft, damage, attack, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity is a set of approaches, practices, tools, and technologies aimed at protecting your devices and data.

A successful cybersecurity system has multi-layer protection across various devices and networks so that your sensitive data and information is safe from cyberattacks. These cyber-attacks can potentially access, alter, destroy your personal data. It is very important for businesses and organizations to employ strong and dependable cybersecurity to protect it.

Importance of Cybersecurity in our life

In this era of modern technology, hardly a day goes by when we don’t use or access the internet or other modes of network. We all like a significant portion of our day online and thereby putting ourselves at a huge risk. We store a lot of our data and information online, share and transmit it across multiple devices and networks. This makes the data vulnerable and at risk of getting stolen, exposed, or compromised.

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But we can overcome this by adopting and implementing a cybersecurity tool. Cybersecurity doesn’t only protect your sensitive data from potential hackers and thieves but it also has several other benefits too. Like improving your cyber speed as the network is not allowing access to any unwanted third parties. For an organization or business that has a good cybersecurity system that is very hard to hack or breach, it’s more trusted by its customers and clients.

Why Choose a Startup for Cybersecurity?

When it comes to choosing a good cybersecurity framework there are a lot of things to consider, but one of the most important factors is which cybersecurity to choose. We recommend that instead of going for a big and famous information security company, you pick a startup company for your cybersecurity needs.

There are many reasons why you should do that. For one they are going to be more economical and cost-saving. The next reason is that startups are more oriented to providing good services and creating better technology and less driven by profit. They are more likely to pay more detailed attention to your security needs as they have fewer clients compared to established companies and thereby able to cater to all your customized needs.

So that’s why we suggest that you keep an eye on top cybersecurity startups of 2020. Here are our top picks for the best cybersecurity startups in India in no particular order.

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Top Cybersecurity Startups of 2020

1. Wi-Jungle

Launched in the year 2014, this cybersecurity startup is currently providing its services to many government and private companies across multiple sectors. It aims at developing a unified network security gateway and next-generation firewall to protect your data. Wi-Jungle currently provides services across more than 25 countries globally.

2. Lucideus Tech

This Delhi based startup was found in the year 2012. Lucideus Technologies specializes in cyber solutions that enable it to provide secure web-based resources to its clients. It also eliminates the risk of unauthorized key access to files and databases by eliminating vulnerabilities in the system. They also provide ethical hacking and other web-based security services.

3. Security Bulls

This cybersecurity startup indulged in ethical hacking and penetrative testing, offers many IT assessment and infrastructure security services. Security Bulls analyses the companies/businesses’ digital assets to determine any flaws and risks to access any vulnerabilities. After finding the vulnerabilities and risks in the system it provides remediation to enhance cybersecurity strategies.

4. Seconize

This Bangalore based startup caters to artificial intelligence, machine language, cloud-based security solutions. Seconize de-risks companies with their proactive risk assessments. This is achieved by steps like identification, assessment, and remediation of all factors. The trustworthiness of the startup can be seen by the fact that it managed to get the support of multiple Singapore based companies in the past year.

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5. Sequretek

Founded in 2013, this cybersecurity startup aimed at simplifying security for enterprises and companies. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine language, Sequretek makes the client’s company more secure and armed against threats and hackers. It has multiple expertise across many sectors and thereby is catering to a lot of different companies across many fields.

6. AppsPicket

Based in both Delhi and London this cybersecurity startup was launched in 2015. AppsPicket aims at providing cybersecurity services to small, medium, and large businesses. It uses advanced cryptographic encryption to solve real-world security problems. It specializes in its multi-level authentication system to protect your sensitive data.

7. TAC Security Solutions

This cybersecurity solution provider caters to a lot of named and reputed companies in India like Reliance Industries Limited, AMUL, Avon Cycles, Gujrat police among many others. TAC Security provides a complete vulnerability assessment that involves steps like identification, quantification, and prioritization of vulnerabilities in the networks.

8. HaltDos

This Noida based cybersecurity provider was launched in 2015. Its goal is to provide Al-driven web protection services to secure your websites against threats and attacks. It provides multiple services like web application firewall, load balancing, distributed denial of service attack among many other services.

9. AppSecure

AppSecure was started in 2016 as a platform to connect ethical hackers to companies and the public. This cybersecurity service provider startup is great for companies that want to find and mistakes and loopholes in its system. It’s a great platform for ethical hackers to connect with companies and help them develop a better security system.

10. Block Armour

Block Armour is a Mumbai based Cybersecurity provider that was launched in 2016. It aims to provide a new protocol of identity management, data integrity, and security solutions to its customers. It also prides itself on providing the best security services with its emerging technologies and cybersecurity insights.

So there are our top picks of startups that are doing great work in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Whether you are looking for cybersecurity for your business or just curious about all the latest developments in the field, these startups are something to watch out for.

So go ahead and do your research and pick a startup that caters to your needs and fits in your budget. Remember good cybersecurity is very crucial and a smart investment for protecting your data in this online world of hackers and threats.

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