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Gig economy can help in creating 9 crore jobs- Report

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This is expected to increase gross domestic product (GDP) by 1.25 per cent in the long run. It has been said in a report by consulting company BCG.

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Gig Economy means that the arrangement of employees to be appointed for some time can help in creating 9 crore jobs in non-agricultural sectors. Also, it is expected to increase 1.25 percent in gross domestic product (GDP) in the long run. It has been said in a report by consulting company BCG. Gig economy refers to a system of employment where employees are kept on contract for a short period instead of being hired permanently.

According to the report, the gig economy is not a new concept. Rather, it is being adopted rapidly with technology. A few years ago, when there was talk of increasing employment without employment, the government had talked about the employment being created temporarily ie the gig economy.

9 crore can generate employment opportunities

It said that in the short to long term, about 24 million jobs can be created in the field of skilled, less efficient and shared services. According to the report, the maximum 7 million temporary jobs are in the construction, manufacturing, transport and logistics and personal services sectors.

According to the consulting company, its estimate is based on a detailed study of the type of employment in various sectors. This conclusion has been drawn on the basis of interactions with various companies, including large and micro, small and medium enterprises. A survey was conducted among more than 600 urban families about this and the opinion of industry experts was sought.

Indian economy is coming back on track

The International Monetary Fund said ahead of next month’s meeting with the World Bank that the Indian economy is on the path of gradual improvement. IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said, “The Indian economy is on a path of gradual recovery and real GDP growth could be positive again in the fourth quarter of 2020.” This would be the first time since the onset of the epidemic, and this is supported by an increase in gross, stable capital formation.

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