How To Open GST Service Center in India?

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If you are thinking of doing some work of your own, then it may be beneficial for you to open a GST Service Center. Because neither GST service center requires much investment nor much qualification.

Ever since GST (GST) has become applicable in the country, the demand for GST Expert and GST Service Center (GST Suvidha Kendra) has increased. With the implementation of GST, many companies are opening GST service centers in view of the problem of traders filing financial reports.

Many companies are helping to open GST service by giving a franchise (GST Service Center Franchise) at an investment of just Rs 25000. They will also train you for these.

Keep in mind that opening a GST service center is not a government scheme. It is completely a private firm. Here you have to take their franchise from some companies already working. You can open a GST service center in their name.

Annual GST Returns Will End On Turnover Up To 5 Crore!

Who Can Take a Franchisee?

If you talk about qualifications to open the GST service centre, then you must have at least 12th pass. The franchise company will give you their software to file GST returns in return for some fees and will also give you training for this work. In addition, the company will give you aboard, leaflets, posters to be placed outside the office.

For the GST service centre, there should be an office, computer, internet, scanner, printer, card swipe machine.

Talking about the facility at the GST service center, here you can start all the services related to GST. Like- GST return filing, GST bill payment, payment of other bills, ticket booking, insurance, ITR filing can also be done.

Expecting GST Rate Relief to The Auto Sector is Difficult

It allows you to earn better with investments. In the GST service center, you can increase your income by starting another service.

How Much Income Will Be There?

After opening the GST service center, how will you make income, for this, a charge is made for making GST invoice? The cost of creating an invoice can be between 300 and 500 rupees. For the new GST number, registration can be charged up to Rs 700-1000. 500 to 700 rupees are charged for digital signature.

Similarly,  40% commission will be given on new GST number registration and 30% commission on digital signature.

Exporters Will Get Loan at Less Than 8% Interest Rate

It is one of the best business ideas that you can start on your own with less capital. It is also the safest mode of business that do not require many resources as well. You can start it buy hiring a local place as well. Just plan about it, if you are looking for an affordable yet profitable business model.

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