Covid19 Effect – Start a Call Center in Lockdown at Home

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Lockdown is kept on increasing across the country to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. From shops to big businesses all are closed. In this situation, some companies have given the facility to work from home to their employees. But there are also some businesses which are completely closed and their employees are sitting empty at home.

You can use this free time to earn income during the lockdown and can start a call center. There are many such things in Digital India today, which can be done easily from home (earn money from home). For this, you should have a sharp mind with an internet connection, computer or laptop, and conversational skills.

Here we are telling you about some such works which will help you to get extra income with lockdown and even after lockdown.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Call Center Agent

You can work as a call center agent from home. provides you with the facility of Virtual Call Center. You can become an agent of the company by visiting this site. Apply to become an agent after the home page opens. More than 20,000 call center agents of LiveOps are working at home.

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To start earning at home, phone, computer, and the internet are required at your home. You should have good knowledge of both English language writing and speaking so that you can communicate with your customers present in different countries.

If you do not have good English, you can still join LiveOps. Because the company will tell you what to say as soon as a customer gets a call. That is, as soon as the call starts, you will start writing on your computer screen, which you have to speak.

Through the LiveOps website, you can earn from 7 to 15 dollars in an hour.

You can get more information about this from the company’s website or you can ask questions by writing to

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Start a Call Center – Choose Work By Hours

On the LiveOps website, you can choose work according to your time. For example, if you are free to work 24 hours, then you can connect to the cell department.

If you want to work on weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm then you can join the Roadside Assistant. Here you can choose the service as per your wish like healthcare, insurance sector, food order.

So don’t sit idle, use your spare time, and earn well for a secure future. There is no surety when this lockdown or the pandemic will end, hence it is important for you to use your time and make it more productive.

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