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Corona Side Effects – Experienced Workers Ready To Work at 30% Less Salary

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Coronavirus has had the greatest impact on employed people. A large number of people have lost their jobs due to business being stalled. The companies have banned new recruits due to the lockdown.

In such a situation, experienced workers who are retrenched are also applying for jobs at a low salary. The special thing is that these employees are ready for jobs in any part of the country.

10 Applications Received For 1 Post in Guwahati

The e-waste re-cycling startup Binbag has recently set up a new plant in Guwahati. The startup had last week advertised for recruitment to the position of project manager at the plant. The company believed that the position would not be filled before the last week of May.

Binbag founder Achitra Borgohin said that she had received more than 10 applications for the post so far.  Achitra told me that he has also received the application of the co-founder of a waste management company for this post.

Willing To Work Even At 30 Percent Less Salary

According to HR Consultants, many years of experienced professionals who have been laid off due to the economic downturn in Corona are now ready to work in positions they did not even consider before. He said that a large number of experienced professionals have fallen victim to layoffs due to the business being stalled.

Now, these professionals are ready to work even at 30 percent less salary. According to HR consultants, now even experienced professionals are not avoiding startups, whereas, before Corona, the number of applications for startups was very less.

Willing To Work Even in Remote Areas

The founder of Bengaluru-based startup Binbag said that he had clearly written in the job advertisement that applicants would have to live in Guwahati to work on the post. Despite this, more than 10 applications have been received in a short time. It is clear that the professionals who are upset about the job are ready to work in any part of the country or even remote areas.

The Startup Has a Chance To Recruit Better Talent

Startups can benefit from the layoffs of experienced professionals in large companies due to Corona. At this time, startups can add better talent and experienced professionals to their team. Many startups have also started hiring experienced professionals.

The Mumbai-based startup reported that experienced professionals are now ready to work on existing or reduced salary. This startup has recently recruited trick people to its tech team.

With the high layoffs, it has become important to stick to your jobs. And if you don’t have one in your hand then you must look for the online earning options that can help you to live better.

Moreover, budding startups can use this time most effectively as they can get highly experienced professionals at a low pay scale. They can have really good people in their teams that will help them in the long run.

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