Top Unicorn Startups in India 2019

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The group of unicorn startups in India having the net value of more than $1billion is continuously expanding. In the year 2019, almost seven unicorn startups came into existence. The unicorn startups established this year are BigBasket, Rivigo, Delhivery, Druva, Dream11, Citius Tech, Ola Electric, Ola.

The unicorn startups developed in just 6 months of this year holds the face value equal to all the 2018 unicorn startups. The research data from Venture Intelligence states that out of 25 unicorn startups in India, 15 startups were created in 2018 alone.

The development of these unicorn industries originates from the availability of resources, willingness to expand in India and international expansion goals of these firms.

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Druva is a data protection industry growing rapidly with the fundings from SoftBank Vision. The company has gained fundings of $130 million form its Investors Viking Global Investors, Neuberger Berman, and Atreides Management. Druva collaborated with other unicorn startups such as Udaan and SaaS player Freshworks.


Lenskart has recently attained the status of a unicorn startup. The retailer of the premium eye-wear firm having their eyes on profit and asked for the fundings of over $350 million from SoftBank Vision. This fresh funding will increase its valuation from the previous one and Lenskart will be the newest startup to be in the club of unicorn startups. Lenskart has shown a significant b growth over the past year.

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Dream11 with its big dreams recently joined the club of unicorn startups. Steadview Capital’s invested in this Mumbai-based fantasy sports platform following the secondary route in 2019. The company has raised the fundings from Hong Kong and London based investors and attained the pride of becoming the first Indian gaming company which led to the elite club of consumers and technology industry with the net worth of $1 billion or more.


BigBasket is a grocery store which became the basket of happiness for people. BigBasket is an online grocery store driven by the investment of South Korea’s Mirae Asset Global with a valuation of over $1.2 billion. The company has generated a revenue of $150 million this year. The unique and comfortable services of the company like the supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats in the shortest time possible differentiate it from others. As the company does not rely on offline suppliers and has its own private labels.

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Freshworks is a SaaS product platform. Last year the company has achieved a revenue of more than $1.5 billion and took entry to the Unicorn startup club. The founder of the Freshworks, Mr. Girish Mathrubootham claims that the company is at a tipping point to view the international SaaS product companies. He says that whatever the company has achieved so far also brought many responsibilities.


This is a delivery company which delivers happiness to many. This logistics startup company have acquired the equity funds of over $413 million driven by SoftBank’s Vision Fund and became the unicorn startup. The participation of the investors of Delhivery has been marked from the performance.

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Byju’s is a learning education platform for the students helping them understand the complex subjects with ease. This education-technology startup company has modestly entered the exclusive unicorn startups club last year with more than $1 billion which has been considered from the share allotment pf its investors. The net worth of Byju’s is Rs 6,505 crore which has been reviewed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and ET.


Swiggy has opened the ways for the flow of huge capital into food delivery startups in the startup ecosystem of India after it entered the rarefied club of unicorn startups in 2018. It has raised the equity funds of $1 billion from the existing investor which is South African Media giant Naspers and also new investors such as Wellington Management and China’s Tencent and Hedge funds Hillhouse Capital. This year the current turn over of the company has been estimated to be 5 times than previous years.

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Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall has acquired the funds if $445 million from the SoftBank with the collaboration of Alibaba at the company value of $1.9 billion and gained the unicorn startup status last year. The key feature of the Paytm Mall is that it is an inventory free e-Mall which connects sellers directly with the online platform. Paytm Mall is still struggling to build a new and better business model for a lucrative position.

Oyo Hotels

This hospitality and services startup has gained the funds of over $800 million led by SoftBank Vision last year. The company became the private unicorn startup with a valuation of over $1 billion. Oyo now becomes the third most valued startup of India following Flipkart.


This online digital payment startup is the one among the oldest payment gateway startups. BillDesk has entered the unicorn startups club in 2018 after Visa took the minority shares for a reported $300 million with the BillDesk valuing at $1.8 billion.

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