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What was the first thing Yuri Gagarin saw in space, the first person to step into space?

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Today people are dreaming of building a house in space, but there was a time when the thought of going into space was the same as talking about time travel in today’s era. But over time this became possible and the credit for creating this history was given to Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet Air Force pilot. Yuri was the first person in the world to step into space.

He did this feat on this day 60 years ago. So let’s know about Yuri Gagarin:

Carpenter’s son opened the way to the sky

A person is always unaware of his fate, if he had known it all, then the joy of living life would have ended. Now take Yuri Gagarin. Where did this carpenter’s son coming from a peasant family know that one day he will open the way of space to the world and will become the first person to step into space. Yuri’s full name was Yuri Alexievich Gagarin. He was born on March 9, 1934 in a very ordinary family. If the father was a carpenter, the mother worked in her own fields. Yuri, the third of four siblings, did a diploma in casting technique in 1955. With this, he got involved in flying clubs and started learning to fly. From here he became part of the Soviet Army. Before Yuri went to space, Russia had done flight tests 7 times, but it was not successful. Finally, on 12 April 1961, the day was over when Russia was successful in sending its spacecraft. After seven failures, Russia built the Vostak-1 aircraft, which had the ability to take humans to space.

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Why was gagarin chosen

Yuri Gagarin, Man to Walk Into Space RBTH

After missing the rocket, Gagarin said ‘Poyekhali’ it meant ‘Now we go’. Gagarin’s flight to space was 108 minutes. Do you know why Yuri Gagarin was chosen for this mission? This happened because his height was low. Yes, Yuri’s height was five feet two inches, due to which he was going to fit comfortably in the spacecraft’s capsule. The biggest fear of scientists about sending them to space was weightlessness. Scientists were assuming that Yuri might not be able to tolerate this and fainted. But this did not happen, but Yuri enjoyed it very much and also sent a message to the earth that he does not have any kind of problem. Along with this, Yuri also did some other work here which he was not aware of at all. Despite having no information, he managed everything on the basis of instructions sent by scientists from the earth. In this way, he set an example of his bravery in front of the world.

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Mystery on death

Yuri Gagarin TASS

Doubt has remained for a long time on how Yuri died, who returned safely from the second world. For some time, rumors arose that aliens were the cause of his death. But after all these years, the secret was finally revealed. Yuri’s partner and first-time space walker Alex Linov made public the documents explaining the exact cause of Yuri’s death. Along with this, he told that Yuri died in a plane crash. He said that he wanted to make these documents public for 20 years, but the government was not allowing them. Now the government gave him a chance to tell the world how his hero died.

In fact, SU fighter had passed only a distance of 50 km from Yuri’s plane. At this time the speed of Yuri’s plane was 750 km per hour. In such a situation, Yuri’s plane fell victim in just 55 seconds. He had to turn the plane fast due to which he crashed into the clouds and then lost control of the aircraft. In this way, a hero of history has said goodbye to this world forever.

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