The story of Rahul, who once worked at a dhaba, from a job of 150 to becoming the owner of a car worth 1.5 crores

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Luck is like a camel, seeing which you cannot guess which side it will sit. Today, those who are obeying everything for a few rupees in others’ shop, house, it is possible that tomorrow one of these people may become many times bigger than their master. Although there is no settering of the car of time, but if anyone can control it, then the same person who has worked hard since standing on his feet. The story of Rahul Taneja is also similar. Let us know that how Rahul, who raised people’s misery in one round, changed his luck with his hard work and for what reason he came in the discussion:

Bought the country’s most expensive number

Born in Katla, Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Taneja used to do a job of only Rs 150 in a Dhaba 18 years ago. Innumerable people of the world go through the situation in which he was, most of whom spend their whole life in these conditions but the fate of Rahul Taneja was not like other people. This man working at the dhaba came in the headlines of newspapers across the country in 2018 when he bought a number plate of 16 lakhs for his 1.5 crore car. He had bought RJ45 CG 001 number for 16 lakhs for his luxury car. This was not the first time that Taneja had come into the limelight for buying his vehicle number, but before that he had bought VIP 0001 worth 10 lakhs for his BMW 7 Series in 2011. According to transport officials, the 16 lakh number bought by him was the most expensive number in the country till that time. Earlier, numbers up to Rs 11 lakh were sold.

left home to do something big

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Rahul Taneja, who lives in Suez Farms, is the owner of an event management company. Long ago, big dreams started floating in the small eyes of this son of a father who had punctured a tire. This was the reason why Rahul left home at a young age and moved from Madhya Pradesh to Jaipur in Rajasthan. To feed himself, he started working at a Dhaba in Adarshnagar here. Instead of working all day, he used to get 150 rupees from this Dhaba at the end of the month. One thing that was good with Rahul that he did not give up studies even in difficult circumstances.

Along with doing the job, he took admission in Adarsh ​​Vidya Mandir located in Rajapark and started studying on his own. Reports suggest that Rahul continued his studies by asking for friends’ books, copies and passbooks and secured 92 percent marks. Rahul had told in one of his interviews that he worked at a Dhaba for two years, after which he did many types of work, such as selling crackers on Diwali and selling colors on Holi. Similarly, he did the work of selling kites on Makar Sankranti and Rakhis during Rakshabandhan. For his needs and stomach hunger, he carried newspapers from door to door and sometimes drove an auto-rickshaw.

Friends gave the advice to do modelling

Rahul TanejaAmar Ujala

Similarly, Rahul kept doing various things to fulfill his needs. Then in 1998, he was shown the path which was going to take him a long way. Along with being hardworking, Rahul also paid full attention to his fitness. Seeing her good looks, her friends advised her to do modelling. Rahul also started modeling after following his advice and then he got hooked on it. During this time she participated in a fashion show. Luck was good and in 1998, Rahul was chosen the winner in a fashion show organized by Jaipur Club. After this he did fashion shows for 8 months. Along with doing fashion shows, Rahul also used to keep an eye on how these shows are organized.

After getting information about organizing the show, he decided that he will no longer perform on stage but backstage. That is, now Rahul started the work of handling the entire event of such shows, not participating in the show. After this he opened an event management company. Rahul went on to take this company forward on his own and never looked back.

Number 1 wish

The number 001 for which Rahul came into the limelight also has a different story. Actually, Rahul is very much attached to number 1. Apart from buying number 1 for their vehicles, their phone number also has number 1 in ten digits seven times. The numbers of all their cars are also in the same digit. Before Rahul bought the country’s most expensive car number, a number was sold in Chandigarh for Rs 11.83 lakh. Rahul Taneja had told about his number one desire that he got a job in a dhaba for 150 rupees, sold jackets on the pavement, distributed newspapers, filled his stomach by driving an auto. So I know what the poor would have been like. He bought this number only because of his desire to remain at number one.

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