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The son had to teach, the father who worked at the petrol pump sold the house, the boy returned as an IAS officer

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Whatever be the situation, on the basis of hard work and strong will, a person can achieve the biggest goal. Those who passed UPSC exam in their first attempt IAS Pradeep Singh is a great example of this. Pradeep was born into a common family. They did not have enough money to pay for the coaching fees. His father, who works at a petrol pump for studies, had to sell his house.

Father Manoj had even sold his house for studies

Pradeep Singh is originally from the Gopalganj district of Bihar. His father had come to Indore to run a house years ago. Coming here in 1991, he started working on a petrol pump and enlarged Pradeep by staying at Indus Satellite in the Lasudia area. Pradeep was very fast from childhood to reading and writing. This is the reason that his father Manoj did not allow any deficiency in his studies.

On the other hand, Pradeep also left no stone unturned to become an officer. He studied for 16 to 18 hours daily, did not attend the wedding and the party. Even the 56 famous shops and bulls called Chat-Chowpatty in Indore were not even visited. He is fond of playing badminton, so whenever he had time, he used to play badminton.

Won 93rd rank in All India in the first attempt

Instagram/Pradeep Singh© Instagram/Pradeep Singh

After studying B.Com Hons from IIPS of Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Pradeep moved to Delhi in 2017 and started preparing for civil services. Soon his hard work paid off. He was successful in achieving All India 93rd rank in his first attempt in 2018. But he was not happy with it. Actually, he wanted to pass the exam with a better number.

This is the reason why he tried again and brought the 26th rank in 2019 and illuminated the father’s name. While talking to news agency ANI, Pradeep’s father had said, “Even while working at a petrol pump in Indore, I always wanted to educate my son. I was short of money. In such a situation, I sold my house for his studies. During this time, the family had to struggle a lot. But now his family is happy. ”

Father’s sacrifice was not allowed to go in vain and became an officer

Pradeep Singh© Instagram/Pradeep Singh

Pradeep also attributes his success to the family. After becoming IAS, he had said in one of his interviews, “My parents have struggled more than the struggle I have done in my life.” The spirit of the parents was always higher than mine. He told that his father, mother and brother, all three stood firmly with him in every difficulty. According to Pradeep, during the UPSC Mains exam, his mother was hospitalized, but this information was not given to him. His family did not want him to take any kind of tension.

Pradeep’s story tells that talent is not obedient to anyone!

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