Success story of a guard who became a professor of IIM-Ranchi with his hard work

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There is no shortcut to hard work. Those who work hard know this. Ranjit Ramachandran, 28, from Kerala will join IIM-Ranchi as an assistant professor. But, the hard work and struggle he put in to reach here, makes a salute to him.

Being a professor at a prestigious institute like IIM, Ranjit is such a big achievement because before that he was working as a guard in BSNL office for a monthly income of 4 thousand to run a house. He has a mud hut in the name of house, where he lived and dreamed of moving forward in life.

According to the report of Indian Express, Ranjit is the eldest of the siblings living in Kasargod district of Kerala. The father is a tailor and the mother works as an MGNREGA worker. This is their home:

After the selection, he put this picture of his house and wrote on social media, “In this house an assistant professor of IIM was born.”

He wanted to inspire the youth with the dream struggle. He also truly inspired. His journey to become an assistant professor was very difficult. He has done PhD in Economics. He would go to college during the day and do duty in the BSNL office at night. Used to go to the house for lunch only. That room of BSNL had become his home. Such an occasion also came when he decided to quit studies after getting fed up with the situation. But, he got the support of the right people, who gave him the courage to fight.

Ranjit did his PhD in Economics from IIT-Madras. Until reaching this prestigious institution, he did not know English at all and had never gone out of his area. But due to his hard work and courage, he completed his doctoral degree.

Savings from the stipend received during his PhD days, he sent money for his siblings so that they could take admission in good courses.

Now Ranjit’s dream is to become a good teacher at IIM.

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Mirza Shehnaz
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