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Story of the hero who won the medal for the country by learning swimming in the flood

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What happens when a body part is lost in an accident? Someone suddenly felt the need for glasses, machines and crutches? From the perspective of the viewer, that person’s entire life is destroyed. People assume that this is the destiny and now nothing can be better.

But there are also examples around us that lack is not considered destiny. He fought it as a challenge and then proved himself by winning. Such people, who suddenly have a glorious feeling of compassionate eyes, cannot be called ordinary in any sense. Today, the person whom we have been talking about is also known due to some such adventures.

The Indian Para Swimmer Shams is going to be talked about. The part below his waist is paralyzed, but even after this deficiency, he has dozens of medals to make India proud. It is another matter that the road was not easy.

Shams learned swimming in flood

Shams Alam, 34, a resident of Madhubani in Bihar Swimming in the flood Has learned. While people used to evacuate the village before the flood, Shams used to learn to swim in it when the flood occurred. Sometimes on the pretext of helping someone, sometimes to save household goods, whenever the Shams would jump in the flood waters, they would swim like a medal was to be found instead.

Shams says that the financial condition of the family was not such that they could send me to practice in expensive swimming pools. And in the village, children are sent to the pond to learn swimming anyway. That’s why I had only one way to swim. If people want to live in our village, it is very important for them to learn swimming.

It is another thing that I never thought about making a career in swimming! Even thinking how, we did not even know that careers are also made by swimming. Shams’ family loved to play wrestling. He says that grandfather, uncle and elder brother used to play wrestling, so thought if there is a career then only in this.

Shams reached the town from the village, school to college. Of mechanical engineering and then started working. Overall neither did he make a career in wrestling nor in swimming. To keep yourself connected to sports, start doing kick-boxing and martial arts. In martial arts after 10 years of hard work Black belt gain did.

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Had to go to the field of sports, so took the path of martial arts. Shams in state, national and international competitions More than 50 medals Were achieved. They say that I was convinced that no one can beat me.

Accident changed attitude


Everything was going well Career, respect and honor was all there. Shams won a silver medal in the 2010 Asian Games trials. He was going to be a part of the Games. The people of the family were also happy. But then life suddenly took a sad turn. Shams says that there was only a few months left in the Asian Games, when he started feeling a strange movement in the second finger of his left leg. Then the pain started increasing.

As a result, his training stopped. He consulted a neurologist and got his MRI test done. Tests showed that his Spinal cord tumors is. The doctor said that there will be an operation and then everything will be fine. But this did not happen. 4 months after the operation, Shams lower body was not working.

The second MRI test showed that 3.5 mm tumor Was still. After this, another operation took place. The lower body was paralyzed. Shams’ dream of joining the Asian Games was shattered. They say that this news has emptied me from inside. I did not want to talk to anyone. To get me well ‘Paraplegic Rehab Center‘ sent.

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Where doctors said that to correct the nervous system and get out of depression, it is necessary that I start swimming. Although it was a long time to quit swimming, but I tried a new one. Shams says, “I was not convinced about this myself, but still jumped into the swimming pool and then my life changed forever.”

… then a new beginning

At a state level swimming championship in September 2021, Shams won a silver and a bronze medal. In December, she was selected for a national level competition of ‘Paraplegic Swimmers’, where she won a bronze medal in the 50m breaststroke category. Just after this, a new series started. Shams opted out of martial arts as a career in swimming.

in 2013, He swam in the Arabian Sea at the Gateway of India and also participated in a sea swimming competition although he could not complete it. Shams says that after this incident, I realized that I still have to work harder. After this, he took several months of training and then participated in the ‘Navy Day Open Sea Swimming Competition’ under the Divyang category.

In this competition he Set a world record by covering a distance of 6 km in 1 hour, 40 minutes and 28 seconds. Not only that, he is the first person with a disability, hence his name Limca Book of Records Also joined In 2017, Shams swam for eight km in the Sinkarim-Baga-Candolim sea in Goa in just four hours and four minutes and broke his old record.

First time in 2017 only World Para Swimming Series Represented India in the (World Para Swimming Series) and secured a bronze medal. The Asian Games in which the dream of playing remained unfulfilled was completed in the 2018 Asian Para Games. Shams secured the eighth top position in these games. Apart from this, there are many other competitions whose medals have filled the house of Shams.

They also raise their voice for the rights of the disabled. He is called as a Motivational Speaker in a school college. After achieving all this, Shams says in the last that society does not know because people suffering from physical deficiency put them in a special line. Think, I have gone swimming in the Arabian Sea but, before leaving my house, I have to think twice.

Actually lacking In shams Not in the view of society…!

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