Meet the author of the famous cartoon show ‘Chhota Bheem’, who has received an Emmy Award

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Whenever there is talk of a cartoon show, people say that it is a child’s thing, but I believe that people of any age can see it. Now see if my brother doing masters still watches cartoon shows like Chota Bheem on YouTube. Whenever we used to watch cartoons in childhood, we used to think who makes them? Who writes such beautiful and interesting stories? So let us introduce you today to a similar writer who has been writing stories for a long time for a cartoon show and has also been awarded an Emmy Award.

This is the story of Sonam Shekhawat, born in Karauli, Rajasthan and raised in Jaipur. Sonam was some five years old when she went to see the Jurassic Park film in the theater with her father for the first time. The impact of this film was so much on her that she started thinking that she too can create a character.

He was fond of writing. From the young age of 11, she started writing poetry. She started writing stories when she was 15 years old.

Recalling his childhood days, Sonam told The Better India, “I also wrote a 500-page novel, but it was not printed. Actually, I was writing the story of four brothers. It was like Ramayana but in modern background. When I filled all the copies of my school writing it, I realized how big I had written it. I had to tell my mother that I want more copy now. Everyone at home was surprised how all my copies were filled at the beginning of the year. ”

Have done many good projects

After completing school, Sonam did a degree in animation and multimedia from Birla Institute of Technology. After college, he got a chance to work as a 3D artist intern with Reliance Animation. He worked there for three months and during this time a senior fellow employee told him about Mensa and asked him to appear in the IQ test. When the result came, Sonam herself was surprised. Their IQ matches only 2% of the world’s population. This revealed his sharp memory and creativity.

It was during the internship that he got the opportunity to write for a series called Shaktimaan Animated, which aired on Sonic and Nickelodeon. He wrote the title theme of the series and several tracks from its soundtrack.

In 2012, Sonam joined Green Gold Animation, the only company to work with Disney at the time. He wrote a show for the popular cartoon Mighty Raju. He wrote 50–60 episodes for Chhota Bheem, and also wrote scripts for 20–5 of its franchise films and 20–30 songs.

Sonam has also produced shows like Little Singham, Golmaal Junior and Bhoot Bandhu. So far, 17 shows produced in India have been written by him. He has produced several shows aired in Europe and America.

When asked how she connects with children through her show, Sonam says, “I am an adult by body and a child with mind, so I connect myself with children very easily. I always felt like I was made for the animation industry itself. ”

In 2015, for a slight change in her writing, Sonam joined DreamWorks Animation – Osmaness TV. Here, he wrote for a show called ‘All Hell King Julian’, which is currently on Netflix. All three seasons of the show were nominated for an Emmy Award. Sonam won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for the third season of her animated series. with this, She became the first Indian to win an Emmy Award for writing.

Currently, she heads the Children and Family Division of Nucleus Media, London. She credits her six-year-old son for playing an important role in her victory. She says that it has only helped her to get a better understanding of the children.

“My son watches a lot of cartoon shows, and he himself is a good storyteller and quite creative as well. He always inspires me to work – he tells his friends that his mother makes cartoons and he will grow up to do the same, ”said Sonam.

She says, “I always knew I loved children, but when my son was born, I realized how much I love them.” This is the most amazing aspect of my life. Through that, I came to know how much children observe when they watch something on TV. He sees not only the character but everything used in the background. Another aspect I love about children is how their solutions are always different and creative. This brought a change in my writing, and I started creating characters who would find solutions to problems with their creativity. ”

Encyclopedia of Animation

Sonam says, “I was only 20 when I started my career, but I looked 16 – not because I was young, but because I was always childish by nature.” I used to be very keen and used to jump. People did not take me seriously, but then I made a lot of changes. Then after a time, people started seeing my work and creativity. ”

Due to his photographic memory he ‘Encyclopedia of Animation’ Nickname found. During production, she remembered frame-to-frame episodes, and also recollected that we can reuse frames or shots from older episodes.

She says that she has won many awards, so Amy will always be special to her, as she is the first Indian writer to win it.

“It is definitely a matter of pride to be an award-winning writer. After this people suddenly started recognizing me on international platforms. It completely changed the direction of my career. I no longer have to worry about whether a studio will take me or not, but now I decide which studio to work with, ”he added.

She says, “When my news appeared in magazines, many women contacted and said that she has inspired me to make my career.” According to me, both career and family of women can be together. I am a writer, but I am also a mother. If we create opportunities for all women, then surely she will move forward. ”

Sonam says that after marriage, she told the people working with her that she now also has family responsibilities. “I was never asked to choose between my family and work. I was very clear about it. There are many people who feel that if they talk about family responsibilities, they will feel that they are weak. But it is not really their fault, because men have made the world very difficult for women, and this needs to change, ”she adds.

The beginning of his career was not easy. The first challenge was to make people understand that she could do this, that she could write. She says, “Everyone, from producers to marketing people and directors, considers themselves writers. In such a situation, it was not an easy task to explain to everyone. ”

Sonam further adds, “When my husband calls himself an investment banker or brother an architect, no one says that he works as an amateur. The same goes for writers. Sitting in a room full of directors, producers and actors, it was difficult to tell everyone that he is not going to write the show – I will write the show, ”he continued.

Another challenge Sonam faced was to tell interesting and engaging stories. She explains about it, “To be able to show your story well on TV requires a lot of experience. You have to rely on your storytelling skills. You need to be able to stand up to 50 people and tell a story that makes them laugh and cry, and experience every emotion you are trying to portray, ”she says.

Sonam said that she has gained a lot from working in the creative industry. She says, “People in the industry taught me the principles of storytelling. Understanding and managing character issues is something I learned while working. ”

Some memorable moments

Sonam gets many appreciation emails. But an email that is very special to him was written by Sushant S Mohan, who runs a news channel. That email goes something like this, “Hi Sonam, I watched the Biscope episode of Chhota Bheem. Perhaps you are its author. I want to thank you, because this episode reminded me of my childhood days. I used to go to see the bioscope in my village with 10 paise to see stories of kings and queens. ”

Regarding this email, Sonam says, “This message was from an adult. Who for some time took time out of his busy life to watch an episode of a cartoon show. He took the time to check it out and sent me a message. This is the most special message I received. ”

Plan Ahead

Currently, Sonam is working on several projects. She is also doing some shows about Indian mythology. She says of it, “The Indian animation industry makes shows for local audiences and while we have gained some popularity on international platforms, I want to create something that generations can remember.”

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