Made better use of MBA degree, quit job, got pickle of mother’s hand

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Many people lost their employment due to the Corona epidemic. But there are some people who took the risk of leaving their jobs and starting a business in this difficult time. Today we are telling you the story of two such MBA Graduate, who quit their jobs and started their business and in this they are giving employment to women. Both of them have started a startup named Athey Nallatha.

Launched in July 2020, the startup is working with more than 30 women to maintain the hygiene and nutritional value of pickles. The brand claims that they do not use any harmful preservatives (preservatives) in their dishes and use high quality ingredients.

The brand has been launched by two friends from Cochin, Hafiz Rahman and Akshay Ravindran. Rehman, 28, says, “I was discussing with my mother about the epidemic one day. So they asked me to start some work that could provide employment to others. I talked to my friend Akshay Ravindran about this and we decided that we would do something that would provide employment to women. ”

Before starting his own brand, Hafiz Rahman is working in the marketing department of HR and Akshay as a sports brand. He says it was very easy to decide what he had to sell. He says that he got the idea of ​​selling homemade pickles as it is one of the essentials in almost all households in Kerala. He also went to the market and saw how simple pickles are made for low prices. He said, “During the research, we understood that local brands use low quality foods to make products. There was a need for good quality pickles in the market. ”

Further on employing housewives, Hafiz says, “I believe that when the mother makes pickles, it tastes better on its own.” No chef can make such a flavored pickle. ”

Hafiz’s mother, Alissa Ashraf, says, “At the start of the lockdown, I saw many people in our neighborhood have lost their jobs.” To help them I asked Hafiz to start this business. Today I am very happy and proud that my son’s business is working for more than 30 housewives, including me. ”

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Fusion of pickles:

They are making five types of pickles, which have a unique blend of ingredients. 25-year-old Akshay explains that he has fusion pickles like a pickle is a mixture of shrimp and papaya pickle, made by mixing a grapefruit and mango and then a lemon and a date. His pickle is a mixture of fish and mango pickle, which he named Water Flour 2.O.

The price of a 250 gram pickle jar starts at Rs 179 and goes up to Rs 249. All these fusion pickles are being prepared in consultation with Nutrition Experts. Further, he is working on plans to launch many more fusion pickles. Akshay said that whatever health benefits these pickles have, they are also written on the pickle bottles. Just as one is good for bones, one helps in digestion and all these give you energy. She started with just 13 women and now has 34 women working in her team. He says that he wants to grow his business by adding women from different parts of Kerala to his group.

MBA Graduates Started Business

The platform that these two friends started to sell pickles made by their mothers has now become a good platform for many women in the Ernakulam district.

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A woman working with him, GG Nandakumar, says, “I started working with the team seven months ago. My son is a friend of Hafiz and he told me about this venture. I like to cook and so my son asked me if you would also like to join the team? At the age of 54, I am happy to say that I am earning 18,000 rupees monthly by making pickles. ”

She says, “I believe that experience is the biggest key to success.” And because of all the cooking experiences I have had at home, this work is absolutely worry free. I was working from home in lockdown but now I go to the main unit in Cochin. However, if I ever want to work from home, they don’t even refuse it. ”

The art of making pickles at home:

First the sales team buys all the chemical free and organic raw materials / produce from organic farmers of Kerala. The raw material is then transported to all housewives working with the brand and women working on their different units in Kerala. Housewives have to peel, chop and fry all the vegetables according to their convenience. When the pickle is ready for packing, a team goes and collects the prepared material from the house of all the housewives.

MBA Graduates Started Business
Source: Athey Nallatha / Facebook

During this whole process, all the people follow the guidelines given keeping the corona virus in mind. When the team brings all the prepared materials to the main unit, Alisa Ashraf prepares the last package here. Alisa together with the other team members make all the pickles and pack them in bottles.

They both state that they currently get the most orders from other South Indian states, including Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Akshay said, “People living in Gulf countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have also shown interest in our pickle and for this, we are working on our supply chain. ”

You can click here or call 95671 35217 to order a pickle.

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