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I did business twice and failed, then while cleaning the bike, there was such an idea that today I am earning 1 crore a year

An Idea is such a thing, which comes anytime and how. If you execute it properly, then it also has the power to change your life. Something similar happened to a boy. Started a business twice, failed both times, but then this idea changed his life.

We are talking about Keshav Rai of Delhi. He started two startups by borrowing money from his father, but both drowned. His first venture was associated with students, in which he was providing everything related to students. But it did not work.

However, Keshav did not give up. He designed an App in the third year of college. For this, he borrowed two and a half lakh rupees from his father. But after many troubles, he could not launch it. He got very upset. He spent four days away from home to identify himself. According to him, he spent four days in Delhi Station, Metro Station, Lotus Temple, ISKCON Temple.

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During this time, he notices a thing sitting at the metro station. Actually, he was looking for a duster to clean his bike. He saw the duster in the other bike and he cleared it and left it there. After this, he got the idea to work in this direction and he wondered whether something could be made that would keep the car clean and the driver would not have to carry those things together.

ms dhoni bike collectionMensXP/Representative

After this, after discussing this idea with his father at home, he thought of making a bike blazer. This meant a body bike cover that stayed with the bike and kept the bike clean. He created it after research and launched it at a trade fair in Delhi. His product was well liked there and he became very famous on social media.

All went well and in 2018 he opened his own company, which also has its branch in Ghaziabad. He claims that this is a turnover of about 1 crore every year. Also, they are going to launch the cover of the car etc. soon.

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