Healthy mix made from 18 types of grains, now earns millions sitting at home

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Priya Ravikrishnan, 49, living in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has always been health conscious. Therefore, she always pays special attention to herself and her family’s food. Especially for her children, she cooks a variety of nutrition-rich dishes. She gives credit to her mother-in-law. He says that he has learned from his mother-in-law to make different dishes rich in nutrition. Due to these delicious and nutritious dishes made at home, their children do not ask for outside junk food. Businesslend Talking to Priya, she said, “I always wanted to give a healthy and balanced diet to my children. So, when I came to know about grains called ‘superfood’ like ragi, millet, green gram etc., I started doing some experiments with them. After several attempts, I prepared a ‘Multigrain Healthy Mix Powder’. It is very beneficial not only for the children but also for the whole family. ”

Earlier Priya used to make this powder only for her family. But, then some of his friends and relatives also started asking him about it. In such a situation, she would share the recipe, so that they could make it themselves. But, not everyone had the time to prepare the mix first and make dishes from it.
About this, she says, “A friend of mine said that why don’t you give this mixture powder to all of us?” We will give you its money. I had never thought of doing any business before. But, after listening to my friend, I felt that it could be tried once. ”

Priya Ravikrishnan

Multigrain Healthy Mix Powder:

She further states that she did not start any big business at all, but for a long time, as she got orders, she continued to make them and send them. But, when he started contacting people from other cities too, he got his brand name registered. In 2015, she formally launched the ‘Swasti’ brand and, through this, she is extending her exclusive ‘Multigrain Healthy Mix’ customers.

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Priya is running this business from her home. She herself makes this mix powder and then, packs it and delivers it to the people. He says, “This multigrain mix powder is made up of 18 different ingredients, including navara rice, ragi, millet, kodo, rajgira, jowar, chana, and linseed.” While preparing the mix, the ratio of all the ingredients is kept in a balanced amount so that it gives the right amount of carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

Healthy mix made from 18 different materials

She purchases all the goods from local shopkeepers. First, all grains are washed and dried thoroughly. After this, they are roasted and then the powder is prepared. She does not add any preservatives or sugar to her mix powder. She packs this mix powder in eco friendly paper packets and sends them to different places according to the order. She explains, “I prepare 15 to 20 kilos of powder at a time. About 60 kg of mix powder is sold every month. ”

Mix one, recipe several:

Dr. Padmaja Hari, 55, who is buying healthy mix regularly from Priya, says, “This healthy mix is ​​good for people of all ages. Many patients who come to my clinic, who cannot eat anything solid or who have to be avoided, I also ask them to try this healthy mix. Because, with this one mix you can make many kinds of things. For example, you can feed children and the elderly by making it porridge. Dosa can also be made by making a thin paste or batter, which is beneficial to eat at breakfast. ”

Dr. Padmaja runs her clinic in Coimbatore and says, “I also recommend using this mix to people struggling with diabetes and cancer. Because all the nutrition our body needs is available in it. ”
Another customer, 43-year-old Uma Krishnapillai, says that after her yoga session every day, she eats oatmeal or alla ada (a traditional sweet dish of Kerala) made of this healthy mix. Uma is a dietician by profession and says, “It is a clean, pure and fresh healthy mix. You can include it in your diet in any way. ”

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Kerala Woman Entrepreneur
Make dishes like dosa and soup

Priya says that it is because of the encouragement from her customers that she is moving forward. He said, “As demand is increasing, our business standard is also increasing. But, I am still handling it from home with the help of just one assistant. Currently, we are getting regular orders from around 600 customers across the country. My annual turnover from this business is more than five lakh rupees. ”

At the end, Priya explains some quick recipes made with this healthy mix:


Priya says that to make oatmeal, mix two to three teaspoons of healthy mix in a cup of water and boil it well on the gas. When it becomes thick, you remove it from the gas. You can eat it plain or you can add salt or jaggery and some nuts to it.


Take dates, multigrain mix powder, honey, roasted white sesame seeds and roasted almonds. Take out the seeds from the dates and grind them by putting them in a blender. Now in the paste of dates, add multigrain mix powder and honey as per the requirement. Make small laddus of this mixture and top pieces of almonds can be applied on the laddus.

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Kerala Woman Entrepreneur
Nutritious ladoos

* Multigrain Veg Soup:

For this, you fry the pieces of vegetables like onions, garlic, ginger and carrots in butter, for a minute or two. Now mix healthy mix powder and coconut milk in it. Let it cook for a few minutes. After taking off the gas, you should add salt and pepper powder to it as per taste.

For more information or to order about this multi-grain healthy mix powder, you can contact Priya on their Facebook page.

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