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Charlie Chaplin: Laughing sorcerer’s, who taught people to laugh, even in trouble

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Charlie Chaplin. There is such a name in the film world, which has taught to laugh even in crisis. Whose smile brings a smile on his face. He was the best artist of silent films. An artist who used to make people laugh and cry. Born in London on 16 April 1889, this comic actor may not be among us now, but his life philosophy teaches a lot. Especially when the world is fighting Corona.

Charlie had inherited acting talent

Charlie inherited acting talent. His father, Charles Chaplin, was a famous actor and singer. At the same time, her mother Hannah Chaplin was also a distinguished singer and actress of her time. Charlie learned acting only by following the path of his parents. However, it was not easy for him to proceed. The father was addicted to alcohol, so at a young age he became adorable to God by moistening Charlie’s eyes.

Charlie’s mother also fell seriously ill after the father’s death. In such a situation, little Charlie had to handle everything himself. Charlie was just 13 years old when he quit schooling. So, we can do small things to run the house. At the age of 14, he participated in a play for the first time and impressed everyone. His comic acting in the play was well appreciated.

Appreciation by playing the role of Hitler himself


This was Charlie’s first step as an artist. From 1914-1917, he climbed many stairs of success. His acting at Keystone Studios in 1914 was special. The onscreen character ‘The Tramp’ made him popular. Similarly, in 1940, Charlie made the film The Great Dictator on Hitler, in which he garnered a lot of applause by playing the role of Hitler himself.

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In this way, ‘Caught in the Rain’ was a major achievement of Charlie’s career. Charlie’s career started at $ 150 a week. He went on to become an artist earning $ 670,000 annually. At the age of 26, he had become the highest paid star in the world. After this, Charlie was ahead and success was behind him. Charlie was awarded the ‘Oscar Award in 1973 for making people laugh through his acting.

Traveled the world forever in 1977


Apart from this, he was also given many other awards. Charley, who became a hero from zero, traveled from this world forever in 1977, giving all the memories. But still the amazing art of living his life. Gives us reason to smile even in every trouble. When the world is fighting a war against Corona. Then Charlie’s life philosophy teaches a lot.

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