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Abdul Alim: The 10th pass guy who made an app while working as a guard, is now a Tech Officer

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Some stories inspire every section of society. The story of Abdul Alim is similar to this. He did not know when this boy made a great app in 10th pass while working as a security guard in Chennai based Zoho startup. Abdul not only influenced the people of his company with this work but also emerged as an example for those in the society who do not move forward crying out of poverty.

The boy, who once worked as a security guard at a Zoho startup, now works with the company’s technical team. During his 8-year tenure, Abdul succeeded in climbing many success stairs. But he did not forget his old days. In one of his social media posts, Abdul shared his entire story with the people, remembering his past.

Abdul wrote, “I left my house in 2013 with just 1000 rupees.” I reached the city with a train ticket of 800. After roaming the streets here for two months, I got a job at a security desk. One day during work, one of the senior employees of the company asked my name and said, Alim – I am seeing a lot in your eyes. He further asked me about my studies and my computer knowledge. ”

“When I told them that in school I had read a little bit about HTML. Then he said that you would like to learn more. I said yes and started my studies. Every day after completing my 12-hour duty, I started giving time to the senior. After about eight months, I finally succeeded in creating a small app. An app that takes user input and visualizes it.

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“My senior later showed him the management of the company.” After getting the green flag from there, I was interviewed and I was successful in it. Today I have completed my glorious eight years in Joho.


Abdul in his social media post told how a senior of Zoho recognized his talent and gave him an opportunity to work together. He not only trained Abdul but also inspired him. Due to his guidance, he was successful in making the app. According to Abdul, more skills are required than degrees. While working at Zoho, he has realized this thing himself.

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Mirza Shehnaz
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