9th student started safety kit business, turnover reached above one lakh in 3 months

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If we have to travel somewhere, besides basic things like clothes, shoes, and slippers, many other essential things are needed. Many people make a long list of all these things before going on a journey, but still many things are missed. At the same time, there are some people who believe that when the need arises, it will be seen. But if someone not only makes a list of all these important things for you but also collects all the things and gives them to you in the same kit? This is not an amazing idea.

But this amazing idea is not ours but that of a 14-year-old student and he has also given his idea as a business. We are talking about 14-year-old Simran Singh living in Gurugram. Simran, studying in the ninth grade at ‘The Shriram School’, started her startup ‘Safely Nomadic’ in February 2021. His startup has received a very good response from the people. Especially, people who like to travel or who travel a lot due to their jobs.

Talking to The Better India, Simran said, “I got this idea from my house because whenever we go somewhere to roam, a long list is made. Then go to different places to buy everything and in spite of this, a lot is missed. So I thought that this problem would happen to many people, so why not work on this idea. However, there is not much order due to the lockdown and COVID-19 but till last month we have done very good business. ”

Focus on women and children:

Simran said that she is associated with ‘Young Entrepreneur Academy’ and in this academy, children are taught entrepreneurial tricks. Children are guided and encouraged to work on their ideas so that they can grow up as entrepreneurs. “He helped me a lot when I shared this idea with my mentor at the academy. I first did a ‘market survey’ and took feedback from 48 different people about what problems they faced during the trip and if they got a ‘Traveling Kit’ would they buy? Based on the feedback from them, I designed my products and worked on making them accessible to the people. ”

Simran Singh

Simran’s mother, Shagun Singh, says, “When Simran told me that he had to do a business of his own, I supported him and told him to think and understand different ideas. After this, when he told about his idea, we helped him in every way possible. ”

Simran’s initial investment in this startup was also made by his parents. She says that after talking to people, she worked on her product. Currently, she is preparing two types of kits – for women and children. He told, “The kit for women has medicines for headache, bad pain, fever, cough, period pain etc. I consulted the doctor for the medicine and included it in the kit only after consulting with him. Apart from this, there are some things for personal hygiene such as face wipes, tissues, face masks, toilet sheet paper, sanitizers, paper soaps, cotton, sanitary napkins etc. for face cleansing. Keeping the safety of women in mind, an alarm and a pepper spray are also included in the kit. ”

Talking about the children’s kit, he said that this kit is for children up to 10 years old. It has a lot to entertain the children apart from some basic things. He told, “When we did a survey for the children’s kit, it was found that children often get bored during long journeys. Because of this they also become irritable. So I included a few things in their kit that kept the kids busy. Such as activity booklets, origami papers, sketch pans, etc. ”

The best thing is that customers can also get these kits ‘customized’ according to their own. According to their needs, they can give the list of things to Simran and she will prepare and give the kit according to them.

9th Class Student Started
Children’s Safety Kit

Good response from people:

Simran started this business on a small scale. She initially shared information about these kits in different WhatsApp groups. She says, “Initially, orders were received from some experts. But then more people came to know about it through them and other people also started contacting us. ” In just three months, he has given kits to more than 60 people. There are also some people who ordered more than one kit.

In three months, his turnover has been more than one lakh rupees. Simran says, “I am not working on a very large scale right now. But I want to take this business forward slowly. At the moment, the situation is difficult but at least I made a start and I am very positive about this business because I am getting very good feedback from customers. ”

One of his clients, Renuka, says that he is working in a government department. They have to travel frequently for their work. “Some time ago, I went for a meeting and I needed a ‘pen killer’. I did not have medicine and it was difficult to get around. A colleague of mine gave me medicine immediately, so I asked him if you always keep all these things with you. So they told me about this kit and I liked this idea very much. I immediately ordered a kit for myself from Simran. Now, even if you have to go somewhere suddenly, there is not much worry because this kit has almost all the things needed and I am glad that a 14 year old girl noticed this problem. ”

9th Class Student Started
Safety kit for women

Another customer, Sonal Ahlawat, says that he had bought a kit for his son which was very beneficial for him. “We went to Jaipur some time ago by car and had to stop at many places for the toilet on the way. During this time, toilet sheet covers were very useful. Apart from this, he was busy with activity books and other things along the way. During the journey he was calm, so I was also satisfied. That’s why I liked Simran’s product a lot because now I don’t have to think on different things. All the necessary items are present in this kit. ”

Plan ahead:

Further, he plans to launch this product on online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. Apart from this, she is also working on a travel kit for the elderly. Simran credits her success to her guides and parents. His mother, Shagun, says, “I would say the same to all other parents to recognize their children’s abilities.” Understand their skills and interest and pursue them in the same field. Also, try to get them to the right platform to show their ability. ”

Of course, Simran’s story is an inspiration to all the parents and children of the country. If at the age of 14, Simran can think about business, then why not others? Our children have no shortage of ideas and skills, the need is only for the right opportunities and encouragement from the people. Therefore, increase the morale of the children trying to do something different around them so that they will further brighten the name of the country.

If you want to know more about this unique startup of Simran Singh or want to order kits, you can email him at sim.saharan99@gmail.com.

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