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LinkedIn Top Ranked 25 Startups In India

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LinkedIn has released a survey list revealing the top 25 massively developing startup industries in India according to the year 2019. We are throwing some light on these scrambling up industries leading by the magnificent entrepreneurs; who are taking their companies to new heights around the world and remodeling the lifestyle of working professionals.

The list of top 25 industries is produced underlying these major four factors in particular:

  • Growth of the company employee
  • The interest of jobseekers in the company
  • Engagement of the company and its employee
  • And, lastly how they dragged expertise using the LinkedIn platform

To be able to compete in the race of the top 25 startup industries the company must be standing in the market for at least 7 years and must have 50 working employees. Also, companies must be established in India.

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These best 25 companies astonish the world business scenario as they represent the third largest startup ecosystem. Here are the top 25 thriving startup industries of India:

1. Oyo Hotels and Homes

This hospitality startup has topped the list followed by the cure.fit. Having more than 4000 headcounts globally and almost 12k headcounts in India, still inflating in other countries after India, Malaysia, China, and the UK. It is headquartered in India and having the largest hotel network of approximately 100,000 rooms around 230 cities. Also, has an employment offer for at least 10k vacancies.

2. Cure.Fit

This wellness clinical startup is inaugurated in Bengaluru. Cure.Fit has overall 120 headcounts globally and works on four sub-sectors: healthy food, yoga, meditation centers, gyms, and primary care sectors. The company has generated $100 million of annual revenue in just three years and drafted the plans for international expansion. It is going to be the first private organization that announced for their venture in Jammu & Kashmir after the abolishment of Article 370.

3. Rivigo

It is a Gurugram based logistics company with almost 4500 headcounts. Rivigo has recently acquired the status of the near-unicorn industry. It has introduced a great and unique logistic driver model and recently got its patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Centre. Rivigo is ventured by the Warburg Pincus and SAIF Partners is assumed to have a great upcoming financial year.

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4. Dunzo.in

It is headquartered in Bengaluru with almost 600 headcounts in India. It is the first startup industry directly invested by Google. It has ventured into 8 cities with a freshly started B2B logistics service which is for retailers and small scale businesses.

5. Digit Insurance

Digit Insurance is a Bengaluru-based online insurer with the highest rate of claim approval. It has 1100 global headcounts and deals in the finance sector. It was established in the year 2017 and expanded its services to almost 70 locations with offices in the 28 cities within two years of inception. It has been recently invested with the fund of $44 million by the Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Holdings.

6. LBB (Little Black Book)

It has 150 headcounts in India and is headquartered in Delhi. The company deals in the market of media and communication, marketing and sales. The unique and proud factor of this startup is that it has almost 60% of its leading professionals are female. It is initiated as a TUmbler blog which then turned into an online social activities platform.

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7. TapChief

It is headquartered in Bengaluru and has 55 headcounts in India. It is being invested by the 500 startup companies. It links individuals and businesses with realm expertise. It offers jobseekers to draw the company’s attention towards its breakages and give suggestions for the company products.

8. Razorpay

Razorpay has 500 headcounts and is headquartered in Bengaluru. Razorpay is a payment solution provider company which has raised the company revenue of $75 million. The company employees can use the Instagram handle of the company for a day and can publicly share their views about the company.

9. Bounce

Bounce has over 900 ventures in the country and its headquarters at Bengaluru. The company became the fastest-growing bike-sharing startup industry across the world within just 10 months of dockless scooters launch. This facility serves approximate 75,000 rides in a day in the Bengaluru city. Also, the company will be hiring nearly 6000 workers in the upcoming months.

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10. Playment

Playment is established in Bengaluru and has 75 headcounts in the country. It can be described as a crowdsourced platform that is AI-enabled and helps companies to share out the data processing jobs among the distinct working professionals. It has been invested by the Y Combinator which serves Samsung, Alibaba, Drive.ai, Flipkart and Ola as its clients. The employees of the company are acknowledged based on their experience rather than degrees

11. Acko

This Mumbai-based insurance startup company has 300 headcounts in India and is headquartered in Bengaluru. Acko has attained an investment of $30 even before it was launched and gets $12 million funds from Amazon after it has been launched. They offer solutions for daily routine problems like in-trip covers for ola riders, insurance protection for electronic devices.

12. mfine

It is a hospital and health care industry that has approximately 400 headcounts in India and is headquartered in Bengaluru. Myntra’s co-founder Ashutosh Lawania and former business head Prasad Kompalli founded mfine which is an AI-enabled platform for doctor consultation. They have a strong hospital network and are aiming to hire over 3000 physicians from 250 networking hospitals. They have outlined to get 150,000 consultations in a month.

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13. InterviewBit

InterviewBit is a training website to help people get tech jobs. They also work towards sourcing technical expertise to leading companies like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber. The self-funded four years old startup has aimed to double up the hiring rate in the upcoming year.

14. Udaan

This B2B market platform for food, electronics, and clothing is founded by former Flipkart executives. Bengaluru-based Udaan platform has over 2500 headcounts and its headquarters in Bengaluru. Udaan became the first startup industry to achieve the unicorn status and expanded over 500 cities and also, initiated to fund the small business after getting an NBFC license this year. The company has a unique value system which says that the only merit of the discussions is important not the designation of the person who’s talking.

15. upGrad

upGrad has over 470 headcounts in India is a Mumbai-based online education platform. upGrad provides professional courses such as data science, product management, and digital marketing. The co-founder of the company Ronnie Screwvala claims that the company has entitled over 300 career options till date and has raised funding of 200 crores for company expansion in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

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16. Nineleaps

Bengaluru-based leading IT sector startup provides services for the startups. They offer application services for marketing and empowering the startup industry. It has over 420 headcounts in India. The company aimed to double up its workforce next year.

17. Simpl

Simpl enables people to shop items online with the option of buy now, pay later. This platform has earmarked more than 2 million transactions in a month and has merit clients such as Zomato and Swiggy. Having more than 120 headcounts in India and its headquarters in Bengaluru.

18. Meesho

Named after ‘Meri Shop’, Meesho is an online e-commerce platform for small-scaled sellers mostly homemakers. It helps the seller to connect with the audience using social media platforms. It became tech giant’s second invested startup after selling the company’s minority stakes to facebook.

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19. Karza Technologies

The company has over 60 headcounts and has its headquarter in Mumbai. The company is the first batch graduate of the Viacom18 Startup Engagement Program. The company deals in providing business solutions to the finance and banking sector institutes. An interesting fact about Karza Technologies is that their employees are not bound with the clock in and clock out timings, rather getting the work done is more important.

20. StashFin

With over 170 headcounts in India, the company has recently raised the funding of $15 million from a Temasek unit for the business expansion. New Delhi based Stashfin startup is initiated to provide personal loans to the salaried audience.

21. Stanza Living

With its Headquarter located at New Delhi, Stanza Living is a pupil shelter startup has a total headcount of 600. The most common skills here in this company are Market Research Operations Management and Customer Relationship management. The company deals in Sales, Operations, and Marketing and these consist of their largest job functions. It provides fully furnished rooms with chef-designed meals with associated entertainment sections adding to other basic facilities. Their target is to add 80,000 beds by 2021 and multiple their employee count by two in 12 months.

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22. Pristyn Care

Sequoia-backed startup Pristyn Care has a headcount of 200. The most common skills associated with this company are digital marketing, market research, and C++. With its headquarter at Gurugram (Haryana), its biggest job functions come under the category of Business Development. Marketing and Engineering. Pristyn Care provides various surgeries in the field of proctology, gynecology, urology, and ENT. It features an asset-light model that helped them in growing to a vast size of 50 clinics across all over India in less than a year of starting this mission. Pristyn Care has operations in all major cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, and Bhubaneswar.

23. WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr, having Headquarters at Mumbai, was beta launched in 2019. They have a very unique selling proposition (USP), they teach coding to the age group of 6 to 14 years. They make it possible through 500 daily e-classes. C++, Java, SQL are the most common skills needed in this company. WhiteHat Jr generated revenue of more than $700K that is estimated to be around Rs 5 Crore in their first 3 months of operations and thus making them the fastest growing Indian startup, as the company claimed it to be.

24. Bizongo

Bizongo is a Biz-to-Biz marketplace for packaging supplies backed by IDG Ventures and Accel Partners. It has a Headquarter in Mumbai with a headcount of 555. This company has a common skill requirement of Procurement, Market research and Supply chain Management. The core functions of Bizongo are in the fields of Sales, Business Development and Engineering. Bizongo has already completed its 4 years of operations, has hired 75% of its employee base in the last 12 months and is looking to recruit at least 150-250 more in the coming 12 months.

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25. Smartworks

Smartworks is a Co-working space manager with its headquarter in Noida. It has a headcount of 230. The most important thing about this start-up is it’s target goal while having a current area of over 2.5 million sq. ft., they are devising to expand it nearly eight times by 2022.95% consumer in this company are corporate firms requiring huge space to work.

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