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Home made oil to remove dandruff from daughter’s hair, this has become the business of millions

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In today’s era, there will be hardly anyone, who will not have any problem related to hair. Some are troubled by hair loss, others by their early white. Many people are very worried about the problem of dandruff in the hair. Even after taking various measures, they do not get good results. As was happening to Gayatri, daughter of Srividya, who hails from Kerala.

Srividya M.R., living in Thiruvananthapuram Her daughter’s hair was deeply troubled by the problem of dandruff. He used various things to get rid of this problem, but no solution was found. But, it is said that if the mother decides to do something then she must do it. Something similar happened in the case of Srividya, not only did she find a solution to her daughter’s problems, but she is giving solutions to her hair problem to millions of people today.

This story started in the year 2016, when Gayatri began to have a lot of dandruff in her hair. Gayatri was in the eighth grade then. Srividya says, “Whenever I saw an advertisement for a product like dandruff removal shampoo, oil, I immediately bought it for Gayatri. I bought a lot of shampoos, oils that claimed to remove dandruff from the root but, there was no difference. ”

During this, Srividya asked her mother what to do. His mother then told him about the traditional method of oil made at home. She explains, “I never had dandruff in my childhood and it was probably the oil that my mother used to make.” Therefore, I also thought of making this oil for my daughter. ”

To make this oil, his mother asked him to buy one kg of fresh coconut milk, aloe vera, amla, jaggery and some other ingredients. She explains that to make oil, all the ingredients have to be mixed in the right amount. Everything has its own importance and it works only when you mix it in the right quantity. Therefore, he mixed all the things according to what his mother had said.

She adds, “Gayatri used to get very itchy due to dandruff. Therefore, I wanted to prepare the best oil for him. It took three hours to prepare this oil. There was also a worry in my mind that what would happen if this oil also did not work? ”

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Srividya along with her mother prepared this oil. Surprisingly, with the use of this oil, within a few weeks, dandruff completely disappeared from Gayatri’s hair. His hair started growing healthy. She says that Gayatri’s hair was dark brown at first but after the use of this traditional oil, her hair started turning black. Seeing the change in Gayatri’s hair, her friends and teachers also started asking her how was this possible? Gayatri tells him about her mother’s special oil recipe.

Moved ahead with daughter:

Soon, Srividya was also approached by her daughter’s friends and teachers for oil. She says, “Although I made this oil to eliminate my daughter’s dandruff problem, her teachers said that this also made her hair grow faster.” I am very happy to hear that my oil is helping not only my daughter but also others. ”

Srividya also started using this oil with her daughter and her friends and relatives also started asking about it. In this way, a domestic oil method started to grow into a fine oil and in the year 2018, Srividya started its startup. She explains, “I shared the idea of ​​this business with a friend of mine. They supported me to produce oil. ” To start his startup, he took a personal loan of four lakh rupees.

Earlier their oil was only going to local stores but now it is available all over Kerala.

Homemade Hair Oil

The 42-year-old Srividya recalls, “When we started a startup, Facebook helped us a lot. I remember, when I posted the first photo of oil bottle, within few days people started asking me about it. After using it by many customers, we also wrote reviews on our page and seeing them, more customers started getting connected. ” Currently, only one product ‘Nandikesham’ oil is being sold under this startup. But, on the demand of customers, she also makes herbal shampoo, indigo oil for whitening hair and sanitizer.

She says, “The price of 100 ml oil is Rs 350, the price of 200 ml is Rs 680 and the price of 500 ml is Rs 1700.”

Effective for all hair types:

She further states that when her oil demand started increasing, she set up a unit of hers at Pallimukku in Thiruvananthapuram. Three employees work with him here. All her products are tested by her daughter Gayatri, who is the ‘tester-in-chief’ of her brand.

She says, “My daughter always gives the right reviews about the products. Along with being a critic, he is also my greatest encouragement. ” About the oil, she goes on to say that her daughter also helps to remain stress-free with this oil. Many times, if she is not able to sleep after getting upset, then she applies this oil and she really gets relief. Srividya says that seeing the happiness on her daughter’s face, she is very proud of her product. This product is for everyone.

Homemade Hair Oil

You can use this oil for any type of hair from children to elders. She states that all the materials are purchased locally from organic farmers. For example, indigo plant, camphor plant, jaggery, amla etc. Also, they say that all their products reach customers only after being screened by doctors.

She says, “I earn Rs 3 lakh per month on selling my products. The profits are being used to drive the business forward. I also want to make Ayurvedic soap and face wash this year. ” Their products are also in demand in places like Karnataka, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

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You can go to the Amazon website to buy their product. Or you can also contact them on their own website and Facebook page. Apart from this, you can also call them at 9446774222, 9497060310.

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