Eco friendly startup of the village, buy bowls made of leaves from Sukansi of Patalkot

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Patalkot, a beautiful valley area located about 17000 feet below the ground near Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh), is known for its natural beauty. Many people come here for picnics or trekking. This entire area is very low to the ground and is surrounded by forests. Most of the people here depend on agriculture, labor or tourism for their income.

Sukansi Bharti, a farmer from Rated village in Patalkot, also grew corn and some seasonal vegetables on his three acres of land. But it was not getting much profit. The Better India Talking to TOI, he said, “Since it is a valley area, the land here is not flat, due to which it is very difficult to grow anything.”

He says that it was difficult to make a living from farming alone, so he learned to make eco-friendly daun (bowl) to increase his source of income. About five years ago, at the employment center in Chhindwara, he took this training by taking advantage of the government scheme. In which, after three-four days of training, he also got a machine to make dahlias. However, many more farmers of Patalkot also took this training. But no one, except Sukansi, started the work of making dahlias from leaves. To make the dung, he uses Mahul leaves from the forest. His four sons also support him in this work. At present, along with farming, he is also doing the work of making daun.


help in environmental protection

Sukansi also took training in making bricks before learning to make dauna. He himself made bricks to build his house. But he did not start this work as a business. “I chose to make dauna because it can be done without harming the environment,” he says. In this entire area, only Sukansi does the work of making such eco-friendly dahuna. They get orders to run for weddings or any other function in nearby villages.

Apart from this, hotels near Patalkot also buy daunami from them. The use of these eco-friendly products instead of plastic reduces pollution to a great extent. Even if you throw these leaves made of leaves after use, then after some time they get destroyed on their own. Due to which there is no harm to the environment.

Sunkansi eco friendly bowl business
Sukansi Bharti making dahna with leaves

business reduced due to corona lockdown

Currently due to Corona, many things are banned. In such a situation, Sukansi’s work has also been affected. He has 3000 dauns ready, which he made during the lockdown. He hopes, in the coming days when everything becomes normal, then he will be able to sell these two. He told that if the order for more days is received, then he can send it outside Patalkot also. He currently sells 100 dauns for Rs 60.

Presently Sukansi is doing sowing work in his fields.

There are many such tribal areas of the country, where people make eco-friendly things using natural things found in the forests. So the next time, whenever you go to visit such a place, then definitely buy things made by the local people there. Also, adopt such eco-friendly products instead of plastic for picnics, birthdays or any other celebrations.

If you want to buy these eco friendly bowls from Sukansi Bharti Ji, you can place your order by calling them on 90983 44062.
Note – Sukansi also works in the field, so he might pick up the phone sometimes, only after calling 2-3 times.

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