Vanbros Blends Modern Interpretations and Eclectic Visions with Classic Renditions, Offering you the Finest European and Indian Traditions of Luxury

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The Journey started seven decades ago, the thought of excellence in design and building took a physical form and came to be known as Vanbros. Superlative in all aspects, Vanbros directed all its energy and intellect to create monumental work for clients. From their inception to now, they have taken immense pride in their veneration for scrupulousness that has enabled them to craft stellar results. Peerless and exceptional edifices in upscale locales of New Delhi reverberate with their signature expertise. While curating their exquisite projects, Vanbros strives for perfection to maximise luxury and opulence without compromising comfort and usability.

Vanbros builds and furnishes exclusive private residences and commercial places for a very sagacious set of clients in conjunction with architects globally. Their work revolves around matching aspirations and requirements while balancing originality and imagination with professional know-how and adept financial management. For many years now, Vanbros has blended traditional and urban designs, functionality and aesthetics, quality and reliability.


Showcasing larger than life projects, here is a highlight of design driven by the commitment to exceptional, exquisitely executed by Vanbros

Their furniture development emanates extensive research and unparalleled craftsmanship to exceed the expectations of any and every client. From estates to contemporary homes to noteworthy projects, they use their creative energy and design sensibility to tailor results to individual requirements. Their top of the line ‘Avant-garde’ Collection has embellished the interiors of multiple niche classical structures. The creativity forged from this beauteous line helps craft a unique style, backed by incessant dedication, high-grade resources and industry-grade experience. They use premium finishes and the latest hardware to create interiors that epitomise an amalgam of European and Indian traditions of luxury. There is often a blend of modern interpretations and eclectic visions to classic renditions under this fine collection.

“Vanbros is an ageless saga of chic design, haute interiors and opulent extravagance. We have been working for decades on end to create and evolve for our clients relentlessly,” said Ishwinder Singh Vandal, Director of Vanbros Home.

Their teams of skilled carpenters make use of traditional carving techniques and joinery with the help of world-class furniture production technologies and woodworking machinery to produce bespoke pieces. In their woodwork, they use exotic veneers and hardwoods to create couture furniture that is both quintessential and perdurable. Their finishing is unparalleled because they use Italian coating products, creating exceptional results with uncompromised quality.

By virtue of manufacturing pre-engineered building components designed for post frame construction and structural insulated panels and cladding, their panelling solutions are of a wide variety to accentuate the style and texture of a plain room, they cater wooden, aluminium panelling as per the client’s palate with artistic detailing, adding exuberance to the room’s grandeur. They have an exceptional mastery in the fine art of carving and an abundance of ideas to use the same. The art of carving is one of the most ancient arts of human history and a means to create mesmerising and beautiful decorative pieces. Carvings on floor and wall panels lend an air of grandeur and royalty to the overall ambience. The enthralling intricacy of this art is used to create extravagant handcrafted interiors.


With decades of experience, Vanbros team knows exactly that beauty means different to different people; for some, it is sheer opulence; for some, it is minimalism, some insist on contemporary, while some are partial to classics. As the custodians of constructive art, Vanbros embraces every design palate and is open to using any idea. They have been forerunners of a pure concept of beauty and perfection enclosed in an architectural element. Be it an embellished console with delicate carvings or the look and feel of industrial railings or antique fluted mirror panelling, they have designed and created it all, for each design conveys a different story. With more than 500 prestigious projects under its banner, Vanbros stands tall and strong for its Aristocratic legacy.


While Vanbros has effortlessly executed opulent, larger than life projects across the country, it continues to preach its foundational core of fulfilling commitments and delivering exceptional quality offerings. Vanbros India is rapidly expanding to more cities of the country – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and will set the bar high to transform the Construction industry tremendously.

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