Will WhatsApp be closed now? Understand these 5 easy points to understand what is this WhatsApp contrast!

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The matter between the world’s largest Messaging App-running company WhatsApp and the Government of India continues to get entangled. Even WhatsApp has reached the Delhi High Court with its plea and with this a petition has been filed against the government. Due to this controversy, this messaging app has been the subject of discussion among the general public for the last several days. Many types of rumors are also flying continuously, in which the same share is being made that now WhatsApp will be closed.

Why are these rumors going on, what is going on between WhatsApp and the Government of India, will it be closed somewhere? We have tried to explain all these things for you in 5 points.

1. The controversy started due to this new rule


This entire controversy has started due to the new IT rules which the Government of India has implemented today i.e. from 26th May. After this, WhatsApp has reached the court with a request that the new rules of IT, which came into effect from today, should be banned. In fact, under these new rules, it will be necessary for social media platforms like WhatsApp to track the originator of the messages shared through them. If they do not accept the new IT rules of the government, then their intermediary status will be snuffed out.

In this regard, a WhatsApp spokesperson said on Wednesday that the government’s asking for a chat trace of messaging apps is the same as if we were told that you should keep the fingerprint of each message sent on WhatsApp. This will break the end-to-end subscription. WhatsApp believes that this rule weakens people’s right to privacy.

2. What harm will be done to WhatsApp by the new rules?

WhatsApp privacy policyGetty Images

Actually, WhatsApp may have to suffer a lot due to this rule. If WhatsApp withdraws its policy by following these rules, it will directly affect the company’s earnings. On the other hand, if WhatsApp traces the WhatsApp message of the users by following the new rules, then people’s trust will be lost from the company, due to which it can be troubled all over the world. Explain that the government had given 90 days time to all the tech companies to follow these social media guidelines.

3. Must track all messages

whatsapp india privacyReuters

WhatsApp has claimed that these rules are not constitutional. Actually, if WhatsApp traces one message by following the rules, then it has to trace all the other messages for this. WhatsApp has described this rule of the government as a kind of mass surveillance, through which the government can monitor every citizen of the country.

4. Users have to collect data

Whatsapp privacy policy deadlinePA

Under these new rules, WhatsApp will have to prepare a large database of every message or permanent identity stamp for this, if the government agrees. With this help, the information of every message of the users will remain with WhatsApp, with the help of which other data of the users can also be collected. Every tech company has to follow these rules.

5. How can people’s privacy be attacked

whatsapp suspendedReuters

Through the new rules, the government in a way wants WhatsApp to create a tool that can trace the origin of the message and find out where the message has been sent from. Until now, messaging platforms with end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp or Telegram did not have the right to trace users ‘messages and trace their origins or read the users’ messages. Please tell that there are 55 crore users of WhatsApp in India. If WhatsApp accepts these rules then it will have a direct impact on these users.

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