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Growth Hack your way to Find the Perfect Name for your EComm Store

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 – By Vaibhav Sisinty, Growth Hacker

A strong brand name is essential when you’re starting your business. It’s easily the most valuable asset of a brand. But, there are more than 300 million businesses in the world right now and most probably the names you love the most have already been taken.

The brand name should not only be cool or something you like, but also send a message to your target audience. In maximum cases, short and simple names win, because they are easy to pronounce, remember and it also increases the brand recall by ten folds. While looking for your brand name, you also need to research if something similar already exists in the market. If so, then refrain from using such a brand name. Come up with something of your own. Let those creative juices flow.

Try to get a .com domain for the brand name you like the most. It’s so much more powerful, but again, if you can’t get your hands on the .com domain then try to get the name with a different TLD like store, shop. Maybe you will be able to buy the same in the future. Lastly, just observe. Finding that one perfect name can be a daunting task because you will quickly run out of ideas. Trust me, inspiration can strike from anywhere.

Mainly there are four types of names you can look out for your brand. WOW Momos, Burger King, Gmail are descriptive brand names. The name clearly describes what they do. Think of Amazon, Red Bull, Subway. These are associative names. The name doesn’t imply what it exactly does but conveys strong emotions. Red Bull gives you bull-like energy, Amazon is the biggest store in the world. Swiggy, Zomato are Abstract or Random names. The name has no meaning. But these names are catchy. Normally it’s harder to build brand recognition with such names because people don’t have something to connect with. Look out for non-English brand names like Samsung, Van Heusen and Jaguar Cars. They are catchy and have a meaning in other languages.

Overwhelmed? Do this to find 100’s of unique brand names.

List down 10 words that represent your brand and find 10 synonyms for each of those words. Now, start combining these words using different tools. Use NameCombiner to combine 2 words you love the most. Use WerdMerge to generate words that sound similar and use WordBlender to blend 2 words and come up with super rare names. List down all the names you find cool and relevant. Check the availability of these names with a .com domain. But that’s not enough to check the domain availability. Social media is also one more massive place, where you need to have the brand name. Check the availability for your brand name across social media platforms, starting from Facebook to LinkedIn to twitch by using Namecheckr.

But is it worth it to leave a brand name you genuinely just because the .com domain is not available? Think about it. You are going to use the name every single day for the next foreseeable future. If you really love the name, then go for the .store or .shop or any other high-value LTD. You can go to iwantmyname.com and you will find every possible domain with the same words you are looking for! I am pretty sure, by now you must have a trimmed down list of names that are perfect for your brand. Now it’s time for the final filtration process:

Check if the name

1. Has a bad meaning in other languages.

2. Is easy to spell, understand and remember.

3. Is not used by a competitor or a big brand.

And voila! You are now ready with a list of amazing names for your brand to choose from. Remember, it might take a couple of hours or a couple of weeks to find the perfect brand name for you. So, keep patience and complete this entire process.

Want some cool bonus tools? I bet you would love them!

Find Brandable One Word Domains Instantly: OneWordDomains

Come up with unique brand names as per your needs using AI: Namelix

Found the right brand name? Create a Minimal Branding Kit in 2 mins: BrandBuilder

Let me tell you something. Finding that one perfect brand name is not going to be an easy task. It might take you a couple of hours, days, weeks or even months. So stay patient and keep following the process I have shared and I am sure you will be able to find the perfect brand name for your ecommerce store.

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