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Can beat Corona with 11 Rule! At first you will not get infected and even if you do, you will be able to beat

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Some reports based on the data say that 1 out of every 4 people who die from the corona virus in the world is Indian. From this figure, it can be estimated that how India is battling Corona. Experts say that in many cases people are being killed due to negligence. However, there are also many cases where people are being killed due to lack of health infrastructure.

In such times, we must follow some guidelines of experts. With this, you can be able to escape from Corona, recover after being saved and save your loved ones.

Most simple rule

The simplest rule to avoid corona is to use a double mask, sanitizer and follow two yards away from the crowd. You can avoid corona by this.

Isolation rule

Even after following the simple form, some people become infected with corona. At the same time, the chances of getting infected who do not follow the simple form also increases. In such a situation, if you feel a bit too simple, then you isolate yourself first. This will save you from spreading corona in others.

If you are well, then you will be able to fight the corona firmly and they will also be able to take better care of you. In such a situation, even a little symptom can be seen as cold, fever, body ache, sore throat, loose motion and become isolated as soon as such symptoms appear.

Distance from ‘Whatsapp Medical University’

A lot of information about fighting Corona is being circulated on your WhatsApp and other social media platforms. You have to keep this information till the rescue, but after getting infected, do not become dependent on them. It is not necessary that you will be cured by the other medicine that has been cured. The level of infection varies in everyone. In such a situation, do not trust any kind of virus things without advice from any expert.

‘Doctor is everything’ rule

After going into isolation, first of all consult a doctor. Tell the doctor your symptoms. Do the test The doctor will give you medicines according to those symptoms. Try to make sure that any doctor you are in contact with should be available to you 24 hours a day. This will keep you in a medical realm and your disease will be constantly being monitored.


With this, you follow everything the doctor said. Do not be a doctor by yourself. Take the way the doctors are giving doses to medicines.

‘Pulmonologist’ has ‘final cure’

People with corona infection who are becoming fatal should contact a pulmonologist without delay. Actually, corona gets hurt on the respiratory system of people who have more infection. In Lungs, from infection to other problems, they become increasingly large. In such a situation, if the control is not visible with the medicines of General Physician, then you should see a Pulmonologist.

‘Doctors write a lot of tests’ distance from behavior

Usually, when the patient’s health is not well, the doctor writes the test. With this test, doctors see the body on many parameters. They find out why you are not recovering. But, many people are afraid of the test. Some people are afraid of injection or CT scan process, some people consider it as ‘waste money’. So they should know that there is nothing greater than life. In such a situation, if the doctor writes the test, then the test should be done without delay.

‘We have recovered’ mentality should be avoided

Positive approach is helpful in fighting any disease. But, assuming that you are cured and not completing the course of medicines given by the doctor can prove to be dangerous for you. Unless the doctor tells you, you should not stop the medicines. Every advice of a doctor is to save your life.

‘No slack till negative’ rule

Symptoms have subsided in you, even then you should follow the complete rules of isolation. You should remain isolated for 14 to 21 days. You can also prevent others from getting infected.


‘Vaccine has to be installed’ rule

Only the vaccine can protect us from getting infected. In such a situation it is very important to get a vaccine. But, all the rules should be followed before vaccination. For example, if you are infected, then vaccination should be done after 4 to 6 weeks. Then the crowd at the vaccination center should also be avoided. Masks, sanitizers, proper distance should be taken care of even during waxing.

‘Good diet’ rule

There is a lot of talk about immunity to avoid corona. Some people are also consuming all types of immunity boosters. However, your diet should be such that it gives you immunity. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Cleanliness should be taken in food. Special attention should be paid to nutritious food.

No corona, need to keep yourself positive

Some people are afraid. Fear is not all. The corona can be easily defeated. By following simple rules, corona can be infected and even after that corona can be defeated with good diet and medicine. But, in all of these you need to keep yourself positive and morale high. With this you will easily defeat Corona.

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