Are you also preparing for the ICSE / ISC board exam? Learn 5 tips for better preparation

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The ‘Indian Certificate of Secondary Education’ (ICSE) 10th board examination will run from May 4 to June 7, 2021. Along with this, the date of the 12th examination of ‘Indian School Certificate’ (ISC) has also been announced. Which will be from 8 April to 16 June 2021. Millions of students from across the country will appear in these exams (ICSE And ISC Board Exams). Revision tips and strategies are of course very beneficial for students preparing for exams.

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Gaganpreet Ahluwalia, 42, who lives in Delhi-NCR, is a teacher. He has given some useful tips and tricks for the students preparing for the exam.

The whole syllabus Read

Students must know the complete syllabus. This will help the students to understand each topic and they will be able to prepare and revise it well, keeping it in mind. Topic that you know very well, catch them first. Then work on those topics, on which you need more time and attention.

Says Gaganpreet, “A thorough reading of the syllabus will help you to solve the question paper in a better way.” This will help the students to identify the topics that they have difficulty in understanding and they can take help from someone to overcome those problems.

Definitions And The formula

Students should ensure that they are well versed with all the definitions and formulas mentioned in the textbook. Of this, there is no scope to omit or miss any definitions and formulas. It is very important to remember them. Derivations in Physics and Chemistry follow a set pattern and students just need to follow them. Says Gaganpreet, “Apart from these basics, do not confuse yourself with the idea of ​​reading or understanding additional content. Follow what your teachers teach you. ”

last Years Of Question papers To solution Do the

ICSE And ISC Board Exams

Gaganpreet advises students to, at least, solve the previous 10 years of question papers. Which will not only help in reducing the nervousness of the students but will also help them to understand the pattern of the questions. She says, “In schools we always set tough question papers and by solving previous years papers, the confidence of the students increases more.”

Gaganpreet further says that as soon as the teacher completes the syllabus, the students should start trying to solve more and more questions of the previous year. Also, they should also ensure that they solve a complete question paper within 3 hours. For previous years question papers, students can also prepare for 10 years of Solved Papers of Gurukul. For his ICSE 10 Year Solved Papers you can see here and for ISC here.

Read magazines and newspapers regularly

ICSE And ISC Board Exams

Gaganpreet, a teacher of English, says that there can be no substitute for studies. She encourages her students to read good magazines and newspapers. She says, “Reading these will help students to develop a stronger vocabulary and also to better understand and remember information. It will also help the students to make better sentences and understand the figures. ” Students may not be naturally creative to write big answers, but magazines and newspapers help them improve.

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Discipline is Necessary

ICSE And ISC Board Exams

Says Gaganpreet, “Discipline binds you to a system.” It is very important for the students to make their own routine and to schedule their study time. Remember that the amount of time you spend preparing will directly affect your marks in the exam. Gaganpreet adds, “If you are aiming to get 96% in the exam then you have to make sure that you score above 92% in all your papers. Therefore, make your preparations only by making such correct plans. ”

If you are giving two hours to study science, then give the same two hours to English and , as well. Similarly, other subjects should be given the same time. The sample papers of Oswal Publishers will also be a great source for your preparation and practice.

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