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Your PAN card will become useless… or else all the work related to money will be stuck, only a few hours are left

Make sure to get your PAN card linked to Aadhaar. If this does not happen by 31 March, then the PAN card will be of no use, that is, it will become inactive. If you do not link the PAN card to Aadhaar within the stipulated time frame, then a fine of Rs 10,000 may have to be paid.

The deadline for linking PAN card to Aadhaar card is 31 March 2021.

The financial year 2020-2021 is about to end and in such a situation it is necessary for you to complete all your important works by 31 March. One of these important tasks is to link PAN card to Aadhaar. If you have not got it done, get it done immediately. Last deadline on 31 March and if you missed it then your money will be stuck from bank account to PF. If you do not know how to get this done, then we are giving you information about it.

If the link is not there, then it will not be possible.

Make sure to get your PAN card linked to Aadhaar. If this does not happen by 31 March, then the PAN card will be of no use, that is, it will become inactive. Apart from this, if you did not link the PAN card to Aadhaar within the time limit prescribed under Section 272B of the Income Tax Act, then a fine of Rs 10,000 may be required.

PAN card is mandatory for opening an account with a bank, buying mutual funds or shares, even buying more than 50 thousand rupees. If your PAN card is de-activated, then you will not be able to do all these things. You must check the status of your PAN card, whether you have linked Aadhaar to it or not and if it is not, then do it by March 31.

How to link PAN card to Aadhaar

  • Click on the official website of Income Tax
  • On the left side of this site you will get the option of ‘Link Aadhaar’, click on it.
  • Click ‘Click here’ to see the status of your PAN card-Aadhaar linking.
  • On the next page, fill the details of PAN and Aadhaar, click on View Link Aadhaar Status.
  • If you have your PAN card and Aadhaar link, then you will get information here and if you do not, then you will also know about it.

Process to link PAN to Aadhaar

1- via SMS

PAN can be linked to Aadhaar by sending a message from your mobile. You will need to message UIDPAN 12 digit Aadhaar number> to 567678 or 56161.
For example, UIDPAN 111122223333 AAAPA9999Q


  • Click on
  • Click on ‘Link Aadhar’ in the section of Quick Links on the left.
  • Now the page will open in front of you, you have to fill the PAN Aadhaar number and the name present on the basis of it.
  • If only the year of birth is mentioned in your Aadhaar, then you have to tick this option- ‘I have only year of birth in Aadhaar card’.
  • After this enter the captcha code and click on the link base.
    After this, a confirmation page will open, in which it will be shown that PAN has been successfully linked to Aadhaar.

3- How to do offline

PAN and Aadhaar can also be linked by going to the service center of PAN service provider, NSDL or UTIITSL. For this, the form ‘Annexure-I’ will have to be filled and a copy of some supporting documents such as PAN card and Aadhaar card will have to be taken together. This process is not completely free. You will have to pay a fixed fee. This fee will depend on whether PAN or Aadhaar details have been improved at the time of linking.

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