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World Bank praises India for fighting Covid’s second web and swift exit

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COVID-19: World Bank President David Malpass said that India had made good progress in combating COVID-19 (COVId-19) before being hit hard by the second wave of the pandemic

World Bank

Describing the current situation of Coronavirus in India as very difficult, World Bank President David Malpass said that India had fought COVID-19 (COVId-19) before being deeply hurt by the second wave of the epidemic. I had made good progress. India faced the dreaded second wave of corona virus during the months of April and May. During this, more than 3 lakh new cases were being reported daily. Beds were not available in hospitals. There was also a shortage of medical oxygen. At one time in mid-May, new cases of corona virus had crossed 4 lakhs.

The impact of the second wave on the economy

Malpass said these things on the occasion of releasing the latest report on the global economic prospects. He said, this is a very difficult situation for India. India had made progress in the fight against COVID and after that it had to face a huge second wave which led to many deaths and re-imposed lockdown, which is affecting the economy.

Rapidly available vaccine

In response to a question, Malpas said, “We mourn the loss of life. India has been deeply hurt. As far as bringing the economy back on track, India has its own large vaccine production capacity, its own production. It is being made available fast. That will have an impact on the number of new cases and I think it has started showing a positive effect.

World Bank Sambhavna Group Director Ayan Coase said that the report has estimated India’s growth rate to be 8.3 percent in 2021. It has actually improved (2.9 per cent) as compared to our January estimate. He said that the recovery in the Indian economy was very strong before the big wave of COVID-19.

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