Will there be only 50% refund on Tatkal ticket cancellation from July 1? Know the answer of Indian Railway

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Train ticket cancellation charges: Indian Railways has given its clarification regarding the change in Tatkal ticket cancellation charges. He said that there has been no change in this recently. The refund rules are the same.

Railways said that no change has been made regarding the rules of refund

Tatkal ticket cancellation charges: These days, many types of rumors are flying on social media regarding the rules of railways, for which clarification has been given on behalf of the railways. The first rumor on social media is that from July 1, the Railways has decided to end the hassle of waiting lists. For this, passengers will be given the facility of confirmed tickets in the convenience trains run by the Railways. In response to this, the Railways said that the system of waiting list will continue. Seeing the increasing demand, the Railways has decided to run more passenger trains. The purpose of the Railways is that the passengers do not face any problem in the journey and the Railways can provide berths for every passenger.

Another rumor is that 50 percent charge will be deducted on cancellation of Tatkal tickets from July 1. Regarding this, it was said from the Railways that no change has been made regarding the rules of refund. The third rumor is that there has been a change in the rules of Tatkal tickets from July 1. Ticket booking will be done for AC coach from 10 am to 11 am, while Sleeper coach will be booked from 11 am to 12 pm. Regarding this, the Railways said that there has been no change in the rules regarding ticket booking.

No paperless ticketing yet

According to the fourth rumor, the facility of paperless ticketing is starting in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains from July 1. After this facility, paper tickets will not be available in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, but tickets will be sent on your mobile. Railways said that there has been no such change.

No facility to book tickets in different languages

The fifth rumor is that soon the railway is going to start ticketing facility in different languages. Till now, tickets are available , and English in the railways, but after the new website, now tickets can be booked in different languages. The Railways has denied any such change. The sixth rumor is that from July 1, the number of coaches in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains will be increased. Railways also called this news wrong and said that such decisions are taken whenever needed.

Special trains have been run earlier also

The seventh rumor is that there are plans to introduce alternate train adjustment system, convenience train and running duplicate trains of important trains to provide better convenience in the train during rush hours. Regarding this, the Railways said that even earlier special trains have been run by the Railways. It depends on the demand.

Rules have not changed regarding refund

The eighth rumor is that the Ministry of Railways has decided to run Suvidha trains on the lines of Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and Mail-Express trains from July 1. Railways’ answer is no in this either. The ninth rumor is that from July 1, the Railways is going to completely stop premium trains. Railways called this wrong and said that this facility will continue. The tenth rumor is that 50 percent of the fare will be refunded on the return of tickets in Suvidha trains. Apart from this, Rs.100/- will be deducted on AC-2, Rs.90/- on AC-3, Rs.60/- per passenger on Sleeper. Regarding this, the Railways says that there has been no change in the rules of refund and it is the same as before.

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