Will the lockdown happen again ?, these 5 major concerns are haunting the general public, know everything here

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In the event of a complete lockdown in any country, all kinds of economic activity comes to a standstill. Due to which the government also has to bear a lot of loss along with the general public.

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Due to the second wave of Corona in the country, there is increasing concern among the people with the government. Actually, after lockdown in Maharashtra and night curfew in many cities, people are fearing whether the lockdown will happen again in the whole country. On the other hand, in view of the ever increasing cases in the capital of the country, there is talk of imposing night curfew. Due to the lockdown last time, many other important things including industry, jobs of people were affected due to which people start recovering slowly. But now the general public is worried about what will happen if the lockdown is put again.

In the event of a complete lockdown in any country, all kinds of economic activities come to a standstill. Due to which the government also has to bear a lot of loss along with the general public. In such a situation, if there is such a decision this time, then let us know what and where the effect can be. Talking about Maharashtra only, according to the estimates of the Confederation of India, the loss of traders will be around 1 lakh crore rupees due to the 1-month lockdown.

Fear of closure of small business

The biggest hit of the lockdown is on the small shopkeepers and small industry businesses that track the Rehri. This category was also the most affected in the lockdown. Talking only about Delhi NCR, about 10 per cent of the small industries in Pithle Lockdown were closed and remained, it took time for them to be re-established.

Job threat

If the lockdown is decided again, the working class may also have to bear the brunt of it. According to data from the Center for Monitoring Economy, CMIE, the job of crores of people was lost in the lockdown last time. Only in the month of July 2020, about 50 lakh people lost their jobs. Due to which the number of people who lost jobs due to corona virus epidemic and lockdown reached 1.89 crore. At the same time 1.77 crore people lost jobs in April 2020 and about 1 lakh people lost their jobs in May.

Crisis in economy

After the last-time lockdown, the economy wheel is now slowly returning to recovery mode. But if the lockdown is decided again, then all the important things including GDP, manufacturing, speed of industry will be affected which affect the economy of the country. The GDP of the country had gone negative due to the lockdown. Which is now slowly coming into positive.

Effect on increments

If the decision of lockdown is made, then its effect can be seen on those employees, whose enrollment was not done even in the last year. Actually, such jobbers are hoping for an increment this year. Come on, now this year the salary will increase. But if some decision is taken, these expectations will be restored.

What will happen to the wedding season

When there was a lockdown last time, it was the season of weddings in April. But due to the lockdown, from common man to businessmen had to suffer heavy losses. Actually this business is seasonal. Now that the season of weddings has started and people have made pre bookings. In such a situation, they are now afraid that what will happen if there is a decision like lockdown.

What is the government say

The Finance Ministry has said in its monthly report that after successfully handling the first wave of corona virus epidemic, India is now better prepared to counter its second wave. The report says that the figures indicate that India is on its way to becoming better and stronger. According to the report, after suffering from a historical epidemic in the financial year 2020-21, the Indian economy is once again heading for better and stronger. This is reflected in the trends of many indicators. However, no situation has been cleared regarding the lockdown. But to deal with the economic challenges, the report said that to pave the way for this spectacular comeback, it has been strengthened by the increase in investment supported by the Self-Reliant India Mission and the huge increase in infrastructure and capital expenditure in the General Budget 2021-22.

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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