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Why did Dr. Paul, a member of NITI Aayog, say that the situation in Corona has worsened in the country?

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Out of the ten districts where maximum Corona Cases are being recorded, 8 districts have been identified in Maharashtra. Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nanded and Ahmed Nagar are named in the ten districts of Maharashtra. At the same time, Delhi and Bengaluru Urban have also been marked as districts.

Corona examines patient

It was said in mid-February in India that the corona is now going to be phased out, but at the end of March a review of the conditions is testifying to the worsening conditions of the corona. NITI Aayog member and Dr. V.K., who made policy on behalf of the government in the fight with COVID. Paul himself described the current situation as worse than worse. There are special reasons for Dr. Paul to say this and the conditions in 6 to eight states are starting to get worse, this cannot be denied.

In mid-September of the year 2020, the new cases of Corona were recorded 94,372, which are now registering 56,211 on March 30. Not only this, the number of active cases had reached below one lakh, which has now reached five lakh forty thousand. In the middle of February, the death toll had reached 77 in the country, which has now been transformed into 271 death cases daily.

The need to strictly follow the COVID protocol

According to Dr. VK Paul, every district in all the states of the country needs to be careful and for this, people have been advised to adopt the safety measures prescribed for COVID seriously. Dr. Paul termed the mask as a very important social vaccine and said that the mask reduces the risk of COVID by 70 percent. Apparently, Dr. Paul was stressing the importance of the COVID protocol along with the vaccine. Actually, the recovery rate in India is more than 94 per cent, while the fidelity rate is still around 1.4 per cent. But the uncontrollable pace of COVID infection has become a cause for concern.

Maharashtra’s positivity rate is 23 percent, Punjab’s 9 percent. Chhattisgarh and MP’s 8 percent positivity rate is much higher than the country’s average 5 percent positive rate. Therefore, the concern of the health expert is that if the speed of infection is not curbed, it will be difficult to stop the rate of increase in the fatality rate, while the increasing pressure on the health infrastructure will be able to control the epidemic.

Ten districts where the rate of corona infection is very high

In Maharashtra, 62 per cent of the total active cases of Corona are being filed every day. Out of the ten districts where maximum number of cases are being registered, 8 districts have been identified in Maharashtra. Maharashtra, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nanded and Ahmed Nagar are among the ten districts. At the same time, Delhi and Bengaluru Urban have also been marked as districts. In Maharashtra, the number of people who died in the middle of February was 32, which has now increased to 118 from 24 March to 30 March.

The average daily cases of Maharashtra have also increased from 34 hundred to 34 thousand. Not only this, the magnitude of the situation has increased manifold in Punjab, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat as well. The country’s Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has spoken to the DM of 47 districts and the Chief Secretary of the state, to emphasize on all measures to get control over the corona.

Rajesh Bhushan has specifically advised 47 districts to increase the number of RTPCR tests and insist on isolation and contact tracing of infected patients. It is obvious that in view of the seriousness of the matter, the Health Ministry of the Government of India, while marking the districts of the country, has asked to deal with the situations as soon as possible.

Impressed the vaccine on the new strain and called the mask a social vaccine

ICMR chief Dr Balaram Bhargava said that genome sequencing of a total of 11 thousand 64 samples has been done in Consortium of ten labs in which 807 variants of UK, 47 of South Africa and 1 variant of Brazil have been found. Dr. Bhargava has said that both the vaccines being used in the country are completely effective against variants of UK and Brazil. It is obvious that the change in the virus is the basic nature of the virus and said that the vaccine in the country is effective against every strain that is present here. But on being told that any type of virus is the original virus, the Health Secretary has raised objections and has also advised to discuss its infection to malignancy seriously.

So far more than 6 crore 11 lakh people have been vaccinated

It is obvious that the photo taken by the Health Minister taking the vaccine goes viral and shows how confident the government is about its vaccine. But stating that people’s participation is important in the fight against Corona, the central government has also advised the state governments to act responsibly. It is obvious that after giving vaccination to more than 6 crore 11 lakh people, now from April 1, the government is giving vaccine to those above 45 years, but apart from this, the emphasis is also on strictly following the rules of COVID.

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