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What to do if you find a torn note while withdrawing cash from an ATM, know your rights

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Under the RBI guidelines, no government bank can refuse to exchange Torn Notes Exchange. If this is done, the customer can lodge a complaint.

Mutilated notes emanating from ATM

In the era of digitalization, most people conduct online transactions. They withdraw cash from the ATM if needed. But many times, while withdrawing money, Torn Notes come out from the ATM machine. In such a situation, returning them becomes a problem for the people. Because many banks are not ready to exchange such notes quickly. If something like this has happened to you too, there is no need to panic. According to the guidelines of RBI, you can change it easily.

According to the rule, the customer can change it directly by going to the bank or can complain to the bank whose ATMs have come out of mutilated notes. During this time, if the bank does not cooperate, then the customer can also complain to the police in writing. Today we will tell you about some such rules, through which you can easily replace the torn notes emanating from the ATM.

Can not refuse to change a banknote

According to the rules of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), if you get mutilated notes from the ATM, then it can be easily changed. You will not have any problem while doing note (Exchange Currency Notes). Because according to the guideline of 2017, no government banks (PSBs) can refuse to exchange notes.

Customer will have to provide the application

To change a mutilated note, the customer has to apply to the bank whose cash is withdrawn from the ATM of the bank. In the application, the date, time and location of the ATM will have to be written. Also, a slip to withdraw money has to be attached. If there is no slip, then you will have to give the details of the message that came on your mobile.

Clear notes after verification

After giving the application on behalf of the customer, the bank officials concerned will check the details of your account. After verifying all the information, your complaint will be lodged and clean notes will be given to you in lieu of the severed notes from you. This process will also take a few minutes.

Bank will have to pay penalty on speculation

Under the RBI guidelines, no bank can refuse to exchange mutilated notes. If in spite of this, inadvertence is done by the bank employees, then the customer can complain to the bank concerned. Due to which banks will be fined 10 thousand rupees (Penalty).

You can complain to the police

According to the rule, if a bank refuses to change a bad note, the complainant can seek the help of the police. He can file a written complaint against the bank. Which will be processed.

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