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What is the Bihar Special Armed Police Forces Bill, against which MLAs beaten up, there was a ruckus in the house?

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The ‘Special Armed Police Bill 2021’ has been passed in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. This is the same bill, against which the opposition created a lot of uproar. Even the opposing MLAs had to be beaten to death. Many MLAs, including MLA Mehboob Alam, allege that they were mistreated.


Many videos are also going viral on social media, in which police-administration people can be seen beating legislators inside the house. According to media reports, a total of 12 MLAs, including 2 women legislators, were injured in the clash inside the legislature. At the same time, many media personnel and police personnel are also reported to be injured. It is timely to know that What is the Special Armed Police Bill 2021?

What is ‘Special Armed Police Bill 2021’?

According to the Bihar government, the ‘Special Armed Police Bill 2021’ is a law to change and strengthen the names of Bihar Military Forces. It is being claimed that after the enactment of this law, the police administration of Bihar will become self-sufficient. The government argues that Bihar is still dependent on the central security forces in the matter of internal security, but after this law, after the organized development of the armed forces will become self-sufficient.

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According to this bill, the police will not need the warrant or the permission of the magistrate to arrest someone. Apart from this, in the event of using force, threatening, preventing the police from working, the police will have the right to arrest the accused without warrant. At present, the name of Armed Forces in Bihar is Bihar Military Police. Now the government is going to name it Special Armed Police.

Why the opposition to the ‘Special Armed Police Bill’?

Even though the ‘Special Armed Police Bill 2021’ bill has now been passed in the House. But, the Nitish government had to face a lot of opposition to it. The opposition alleged that after this bill, the police can arrest and imprison anyone on the basis of doubt, which is not right. The opposition tried its best not to pass this bill. The MLAs of the opposition allegedly approached the Speaker’s chair while protesting.


He tore the copy of the bill from the speaker’s hand and tore it. When the situation became serious, a police call was taken inside the house. The performance of the opposition legislators became furious after seeing the police-administration inside the house. As a result the assembly marshals had to intervene. Many legislators were dragged and dragged out of the house.


RJD activists and police also had a face-off on the streets of Patna before a fight with MLAs inside the Bihar Assembly. Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav, against the government, created an uproar by the opposition. In response, the police also kept the two leaders in custody for a while and scattered the crowd by charging sticks.


The uproar over the ‘Special Armed Police Bill 2021’ in the Bihar Legislative Assembly is also discussed on social media. What people are saying, some examples exist here.


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