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Today Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would have been a different South Asia, PM Modi wrote in Bangladeshi newspaper

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PM Modi has written that India will continue to be a partner of Bangladesh as we are moving jointly towards the golden future, for which Bangabandhu and millions of patriotic Bangladeshis and thousands of Indians have given their all.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Dhaka from today on the occasion of the 50th year of Bangladesh’s independence. Prior to his visit, PM Modi in the English newspaper of Bangladesh, The Daily Star, while referring to the independence of the country, has given his views on the dreams of Bangladesh’s father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the future of relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Modi has written that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members were brutally murdered on the black morning of August 1975. His murderers wanted to avenge the independence of Bangladesh, for which Bangabandhu fought brilliantly. They also wanted to end Bangabandhu’s dream of creating a collaborative, peaceful subcontinent.

Prime Minister Modi wrote, “Bangabandhu’s life was a story of struggles. They stood fearlessly in the face of oppression and cruelty. Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatanessa was the source of his strength. However, we learn from his ‘incomplete memoir’ that he had mentioned the risks and the pain on the family due to his frequent visits to jail. Bangabandhu gave a simple answer that he has no choice. “

PM Modi has written that despite his fearless dedication to his duties and all kinds of torture, the courage of Bangabandhu’s sacrifice is a symbol of true greatness. He wrote, “His progressive thinking about fairness, equality and equality is reflected in his writings in the 1950s,” I know at least this much: no one should be murdered because he is different from me Keeps the idea. “”

The Prime Minister has written that it was a very rare mixture of his own deep ideals and open thinking to accept other ideas, which made Bangabandhu one of the greatest politicians of our time. Due to this, people of India also loved Bangabandhu. PM Modi wrote, “Among them, we all see such a great leader whose vision goes away from the physical boundaries and the narrowness of social sharing. That is why we joined Bangladeshi siblings to celebrate Mujib Borso, very special in memory of Bangabandhu. If we look back and see the life and struggle of Bangabandhu, I ask myself what would our subcontinent have looked like if it had not been murdered? ”

Bangladesh progressed peacefully after independence – PM Modi

He further wrote, “The answer to this question is difficult. After all, how can anyone guess what will happen. But looking at his four years of work after Bangladesh’s independence, we can make a firm guess. It would be fair to say that Bangladesh and our region would have gone in a very different direction under the rule of Bangabandhu. After the war of sorrow, a sovereign, self-confident Bangladesh was moving fast, at peace with its neighbors, cultivating friendship with everyone and without any ill-will with anyone. “

He has written that if this had continued, perhaps India and Bangladesh would have achieved some achievements decades ago, which was possible only recently. PM Modi wrote, “For example, India and Bangladesh were able to get out of the complexities of history through the 2015 Land Boundary Agreement. This was a historic moment in the history of modern nation-states. But if Bangabandhu were under the rule, it would have happened much earlier. If they had been there, cooperation among us in all fields including development, economic development and shared security would have reached a very different place. ”

The Prime Minister wrote, “I am confident that Bangabandhu, with his visionary vision for the world, would have dared to think of something bigger for our subcontinent. Our courage in the freedom struggle energized all of us and Bangabandhu as a guiding star would have been a different reality today, at least in the Bay of Bengal areas. “

Sub-continent’s youth population should be properly used – Modi

He further wrote, “From food processing to light industries, from electronics and technology products to advanced materials, we can create an integrated economic sector with value chain interlinks. We can create an inter-governmental structure for maximum economic, scientific and strategic benefits of crores of people. To protect our region from natural disasters, we can devise a mechanism under which meteorology, marine area and geological data can be shared with each other and neighboring countries. ”

PM Modi has written that we can imagine a situation where our people can study, work and do their business in the entire subcontinent without any struggle. This region with the world’s largest youth population should be involved in making its energy a asset, bringing innovation and new technology. It will be the most natural comment against fundamentalism, violent extremism and hatred spread in our society.

The Prime Minister said that this Shonali chapter (Golden Time) is imagined, in which we would have been living now, if that sad Friday of August 1975 does not come. The assassination of the father of Bangladesh snatched away the fate of the region, which could have been shared between us. He wrote, “Even today, in this morning of new and growing Bangladesh, it is possible to trust that once again the future is in our hands. With rising incomes and prosperity, Bangladesh under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is making Bangabandhu’s dreams come true. Once again, it is time for us to build on the strong ambitions of our partnership, which Bangabandhu would have done. “

“The two countries will reiterate their resolve to fulfill Bangabandhu’s dreams”

Prime Minister Modi has written that he has high hopes from our recent relationship. He has written, “We have resolved many complex issues in a friendly manner. Our land and sea borders were resolved. By helping economic activity in each other’s countries, trade between us has reached a historical level. We have also made a lot of progress in the field of connectivity. Bangladesh cargo can travel to Nepal and Bhutan via India. We are going to start the process of transporting Indian cargo through Bangladesh to the north-eastern states of Bharata. ”

PM Modi has written that India will continue to be a partner of Bangladesh as we are moving jointly towards the golden future, for which Bangabandhu and millions of patriotic Bangladeshis and thousands of Indians gave their all. The Prime Minister wrote, “I am on a visit to Dhaka to participate in Bangladesh’s Independence Day celebrations, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and I will reiterate our resolve to fulfill Bangabandhu’s dream.” I will also pay tribute to him at the tomb of Bangabandhu. Jai Bangla, Jai Hind. Bangabandhu’s ideology always inspired our friendship. “

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